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  • Surgeon General Command Chair to Air University

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  • Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED)

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    • Virtual Flight Surgeons online aviation medicine

    • Borden Institute Textbooks of Military Medicine including published volumes on
      • Military Preventive Medicine: Mobilization and Deployment, Vol. 1
      • Military Preventive Medicine: Mobilization and Deployment, Vol. 2
      • Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare
      • Medical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare
      • Conventional Warfare: Ballistic, Blast, and Burn Injuries
      • Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments, Vol. 1
      • Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments, Vol. 2
      • War Psychiatry
      • Military Psychiatry: Preparing in Peace for War
      • Rehabilitation of the Injured Combatant, Vol. 1
      • Rehabilitation of the Injured Combatant, Vol. 2
      • Anesthesia and Perioperative Care of the Combat Casualty
      • Opthalmic Care of the Combat Casualty
      • Military Dermatology
      • Military Medical Ethics Vol. 1
      • Military Medical Ethics Vol. 2

    • Bibliography - Trauma
    • Bibliography - Trauma Life Support
    Medical DoctrineBack to Top
    • See publications in joint and individual service areas below.

    • medical force protection and medical surveillance (local copy), Nov 97 speech by Adm Blair and Gen Blanck on the revolution in medical affairs
    • Wartime Medical Care: DOD Is Addressing Capability Shortfalls, but Challenges Remain (local copy), GAO report ( PDF version)
    • Medical Doctrine -- Are We Really Joint? (local copy), AWC research paper
    • FM 8-10-16 Army Medical Information Operations

    • International Military Standardization Work Management System (IMSWMS), NATO
      • AJP 4.10, Allied Joint Medical Support Doctrine
      • MC 326, Medical Support Precepts and Guidance for NATO
      • MC 326/1 (Draft), NATO Medical Support Principles and Policies
      • AMedP-13, NATO Glossary of Medical Terms and Definitions
      • STANAG 2037, Vaccination of NATO Forces
      • STANAG 2061, Procedures for Disposition of Allied Patients by Medical Installation
      • STANAG 2087, Medical Employment of Air Transport in the Forward Area
      • STANAG 2132, Documentation Relative to Medical Evacuation Treatment and Cause of Death of Patients
      • STANAG 2348, Basic Military Hospital (Clinical) Records
      • STANAG 2475 (Edition 1) (Ratification Draft 1), Planning Guide for the Estimation of NBC Battle Casualties (Nuclear) - AMedP-8(A), Volume 1
      • STANAG 2879, Principles of Medical Policy in the Management of a Mass Casualty Situation
      • STANAG 3204, Aeromedical Evacuation
      • AD 85-8, ACE Medical Support Principles, Policies and Planning Parameters (Oct 93)
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    • from Dr Martin Seligman

    • Bounce: the 99 MDG Resiliency Website, Nellis AFB

    • Resilience Training, U.S. Army Medical Department
      • Offers strength-based, positive psychology tools to aid Soldiers, Leaders and Families in their ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity. Training and information is targeted to all phases of the Soldier deployment cycle, Soldier life cycle and Soldier support system.

    • Provider Resiliency Training, U.S. Army Medical Department - "Program Helps Bolster 'Resilience' of Military Health Care Providers" - includes Resiliency Quiz - How Resilient Are You?

    • Warrior Resilience & Thriving (WRT) - Thriving Through, Not Only Surviving Your Combat Deployment to Return with Honor - by Jarrett, Fort Sill Social Work Service & Outreach Program

    • from Al Siebert, PhD

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