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  1. Air National Guard Fighters in the Total Force, by Joseph E. Lucas and Stuart C. Johnson, May 1996 (PDF file)
  2. Quality Air Force in an Emergency. Leadership Principles and Concepts for Emergency Response Forces, by David F. Bird, Jr., August 1996 (PDF file)
  3. US Military Force and Operations Other Than War. Necessary Questions to Avoid Strategic Failure, by R. A. Estilow, August 1996 (PDF file)
  4. Security and Peace in the Middle East. Experiments with Democracy in an Islamic World, by David G. Curdy, August 1996 (PDF file)
  5. Cultivating National Will: An Introduction to National Will, by Lawrence E. Key, August 1996 (PDF file)
  6. The National Guard Citizen-Soldier: The Linkage between Responsible National Security and the Will of the People, by Mark P. Meyer, November 1996 (PDF file)
  7. Airpower in the Context of a Dysfunctional Joint Doctrine, by Carl R. Pivarsky Jr., February 1997 (PDF file)
  8. The Command or Control Dilemma: When Technology and Organizational Orientation Collide, by Gregory A. Roman, February 1997 (PDF file)
  9. The F-22: The Right Fighter for the Twenty-first Century? by Michael J. Costigan, August 1997 (PDF file)
  10. Military Culture: A Paradigm Shift? by Karen O. Dunivin, February 1997 (PDF file)
  11. Core Values: Foundation for the Twenty-First Century, by Daniel R. Simmons, September 1997 (PDF file)
  12. Integrating Joint Operations Beyond the FSCL: Is Current Doctrine Adequate? by Dewayne P. Hall, November 1997 (PDF file)
  13. Operations other than War: Who Says Warriors Don't Do Windows? by Charles W. Hasskamp, March 1998 (PDF file)
  14. Airpower, Chaos, and Infrastructure: Lords of the Rings, by Edward J. Felker, August 1998 (PDF file)
  15. Building Castles on Sand? Ignoring the Riptide of Information Operations, by Carla D. Bass, August 1998 (PDF file)
  16. Seller Beware: US International Technology Transfer and Its Impact on National Security, by Wayne M. Johnson, December 1998 (PDF file)
  17. Doctrine (Maybe), Strategy (No): Will the Air Force Implement a Force Protection Program? by James L. Lafrenz, May 1999 (PDF file)
  18. China as Peer Competitor? Trends in Nuclear Weapons, Space, and Information Warfare, by Kathryn L. Gauthier, July 1999 (PDF file)
  19. The Air Expeditionary Force: A Strategy for an Uncertain Future? by Michael J. Nowak, September 1999 (PDF file)
  20. A Separate Space Force: An 80-Year-Old Argument, by Michael C. Whittington, May 2000 (PDF file)
  21. US- Led Cooperative Theatre Missile Defense in Northeast Asia: Challenges and Issues, by Rex R. Kiziah, July 2000 (PDF file)
  22. Star and Crescent: Turco-Israeli Partnership in a Tough Neighborhood, by Joseph M. Codispoti, August 2000 (PDF file)
  23. Growing the Space Industrial Base: Policy Pitfalls and Prospects, by Robert Butterworth, September 2000 (PDF file)
2001 Papers
  1. China in Space: Civilian and Military Developments, by David J. Thompson and William R. Morris, August 2001 (PDF file)
  2. Preventing Catastrophe: US Policy Options for Management of Nuclear Weapons in South Asia, by Martin J.Wojtysiak, August 2001 (PDF file)
2002 Papers
  1. Iran's Strategic Culture and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Implications for US Policy, by Anthony C. Cain, April 2002 (PDF file)
  2. Operation Allied Force - Golden Nuggets for Future Campaigns, by Michael W. Lamb Sr., August 2002 (PDF file)
  3. Leading Air Mobility Operations in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, by Eileen M. Isola, August 2002 (PDF file)
2003 Papers
  1. Weather Operations in the Transformation Era, by John M. Lanicci, March 2003 (PDF file)
  2. The Air Superiority Fighter and Defense Transformation - Why DOD Requirements Demand the F/A-22 Raptor, by Devin L. Cate, June 2003 (PDF file)
  3. Ground-Aided Precision Strike - Heavy Bomber Activity in Operation Enduring Freedom, by Eric E. Theisen, July 2003 (PDF file)
2004 Papers
  1. Tanker Force Structure: Recapitalization of the KC-135, by Juan C. Narvid, August 2004 (PDF file)
  2. Aviation Urban Operations: Are We Training Like We Fight? by Todd G. Kemper, September 2004 (PDF file)
2005 Papers
  1. Enabling Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Effects for Effects-Based Operations Conditions, by Daniel R. Johnson, June 2005 (PDF file)
  2. USAF Combat Search and Rescue: Untapped Combat Power, by Lee K. dePalo, Sep 2005 (PDF file)
  3. F-15A versus F/A-22 Initial Operational Capability: A Case for Transformation, by William H. Mott V, Nov 2005 (PDF file)
2006 Papers
  1. Offensive Use of Chemical Technologies by US Special Operations Forces in the Global War on Terrorism: The Nonlethal Option, by George N. T. Whitbred IV, July 2006 (PDF file)
  2. Near Space: Should Air Force Space Command Take Control of Its Shore?, by Kurt D. Hall, Sep 2006 (PDF file)
  3. Air Force Intelligence Role in Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction, by Cristina M. Stone, Nov 2006 (PDF file)
2007 Papers
  1. Flying and Fighting in Cyberspace, by Convertino, DeMattei, and Knierim, July 2007 (PDF file)
  2. Integration of Weaponized Unmanned Aircraft intothe Air-to-Ground System, by Hume, Sep 2007 (PDF file)
2008 Papers
  1. Impact of Foreign Ownership on the Civil Reserve Air Fleet, by Schauber, April 2008 (PDF file)
  2. Air National Guard Structure for the Twenty-first Century: The Multimission Framework for Total Force Integration, by Dailey, May 2008 (PDF file)
  3. Spectrum Management: Key to the Future of Unmanned Aircraft Systems?, by Griswold, May 2008 (PDF file)
2009 Papers
  1. Missile Defensive Systems and the Civil Reserve Air Fleet, by Downing, Aug 2009 (PDF file)
  2. Red Is Good: Transformational Changes for US Air Force Aircraft Maintenance, by McAneny, Aug 2009 (PDF file)
  3. A Cyberspace Command and Control Model, by Scherrer and Grund, Aug 2009 (PDF file)
2010 Papers
Other ResourcesBack to Top About the Maxwell PapersBack to Top
    The Maxwell Papers, the Air War College's occasional papers series, focus on current and future issues of interest to the Air Force and Department of Defense. The first Maxwell Paper was published in May 1996 with the Air University Commander's signature on the foreword. General Fogleman signed the foreword to Maxwell Paper #6, published in November 1996. Maxwell Papers are open to all interested authors, particularly Air War College faculty and students, but also to other officers and analysts.

    Maxwell Papers have been distributed to over 400 addressees including all senior Air Force and DoD decision makers, Professional Military Education (PME) schools, contractors, other US government agencies, and more than 40 foreign air forces and institutions.

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