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Strategic Communication

U.S. Government
National Security Strategy
Ready.Gov, Homeland Secur., FedWorld Search
Fed Agency List, State Dept
THOMAS, Congress Online
Congressional Research Svc
US Embassies - websites
Government sci and tech

US, DoD, JCS & Services
National Security Strategy
National Defense Strategy
National Military Strategy
Joint and Service Visions
DoD, JCS , Army, Navy, AF
Visions: Joint, Services
DoD Dictionary

Unified Commands Plus
Unified Command Plan (UCP)
Joint Forces (USJFCOM)
Surf. Deplymt & Distrib Cmd
SOCOM, NORAD (binational)

Global Strike Cmd (AFGSC)

Rsrv Affairs, Army, Navy
USMC, Air Force, USCG
Air Reserve Personnel Center

National Guard
National Guard Bureau
Army Guard, Air Guard
Guard Knowledge Online

Research & Labs
DARPA, JPL, Gov sci/tech
Svc Labs: Army, Navy, AF
DoE National Labs
Global Trends - CIA & more
Congressional Research
... Service (CRS) reports

Defense Connect Online (DCO)
face-to-face collaboration

DoD news feed, inc. Google alerts
Early Bird, DMA, OSC (new FBIS)
Stars and Stripes, DoD Radio/TV
USAF AIM Points, DoD News
AF News, AF Link, Army, Navy
Marine, Coast Guard, State Dept
by Country, Ref Desk (lots of links)
Google News, news by country
Mil. Journals, Gov Tech: FCW, GCN
Geo. Maps Tech: Jane's, CNET
Wire: AP, Reuters
Al-Jazeera, Arab News

International (See also Travel.)
CIA World Factbook, Country Studies
Library of Cong. Portals to the World
Open Source Center
Internet domain and country codes

Pay and Benefits
eBenefits portal - DoD & VA
Pay: Civ, Mil, Travel, Retired, Per Diem
AF Employee Benefits Info Sys (EBIS)
Defense Fin & Accntg Svc (DFAS)
DFAS Money Matters, AF Retiree News
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Travel Card and other AF/FM stuff
Aviator Continuation Pay
Federal Holidays - 2012, 2013, 2014

AF Personnel Ctr (AFPC), virtual MPF
AF Mil Assignments, AF Civ Jobs Page
DoD Ldrship and Mgt Prog. (DLAMP)
Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC)
Army Human Resources Command
DoD Verification of Mil. Experience
Troops to Teachers Program
Federal Voting Assistance Program

Medicine and Law
TRICARE system
CDC main, CDC travel warnings
Anthrax, WHO world disease news
Military Law links

Regulations, Pubs, Forms
DoD Directives, DoD & Service Forms
Joint Electronic Library, including JCS
AF Pubs-Forms and Doctrine-AFDDs
Army Official Publications Sites
Navy Directives, OPNAV & SECNAV
USMC Directives, USMC Doctrine
Other pubs, forms, doctrine, journals

Index to the Internet

Air Force Portal
AWC Gateway to Internet
AKO - Army Portal
NKO - Navy Knowledge Portal
NMCI - Navy USMC Intranet
GKO - Guard Knowledge Online
JKO - Joint Knowledge Online

Search - General
Google [note],
Yahoo, AWC Searching Tools
Library of Congress Search Tools
Yahoo: People Search, Yellow Pages
Cities & ZIP Codes

Search - Mil and Gov, FedWorld, THOMAS

Weather (Wx)
AccuWeather, Weather Channel
National Weather Svc, CNN Wx
AF Wx Agency (public)

Travel .. International Travel
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Travel Card and other AF/FM stuff
Local Maps & Driving Directions
National traffic & road closures
City Maps, Yahoo!
US Embassies - websites
US Embassies - visas - PCS & shipping stuff
Currency Converter
CDC Warning, State Dept Warnings
WHO world disease outbreak news
Entry Requirements, Clearance Guide
Entry Requirements - alternate source
AF Services, incl. Lodging Directory
Translation Resources

Writing & Presentations
Dictionary-Thesaurus, Encyclopedia
Bartlett's Quotes .. Other Quotes - all kinds of stuff
AU Writing Guide, Tongue & Quill
Maps, Mil Clip-Art, & Multimedia
AWC Writing & Speaking Links
Acronym Finder - & spells 'em out
Online Etymology Dictionary
DoD Dictionary, Wikipedia
dictionary + audio pronouncing
pronunciation guide

Education & Training
Learning & Teaching Center
Military Education Online
VA G.I. Bill Educational Benefits
DoD Voluntary Ed Program
USA Learning - federal courses
Troops-to-Teachers Program

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