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  • CALL Military Domain Search, includes index of .mil-only sites not available to Google and other engines below. However, if you think the file you are looking for might be available to commercial search engines, then try the ones below first. This engine at CALL is very good on comprehensiveness (searches more .mil pages than do public search engines), but the relevancy of results can sometimes be lacking -- i.e., you may have to scroll through a lot of results to find the one you need, unless you come up with a really good set of search terms.

  • Statistical Resources on the Web - Military and Defense, U. of Mich.

  •, includes search for military units and people you served with

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  • Google can be limited to just edu

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  • For all search engines, you really should look at the "advanced search" options for getting more power into searches, especially when your initial search yields a gazillion hits, and none look promising.

  • Pandia Search Central - consolidated search engine, as well as news about search-related tools, developments, news, etc.
  • Pandia list of search tools

  • Internet Search Tools from the Library of Congress

  • Search Engine Showdown comparison of engines, tips for searching, etc.
  • Search Engine Watch comparison of engines, tips for searching, etc.

  • Keep in mind that search engines may take several months to pick up new sites. It depends on the order in which their search "bots" tour the Internet, and also on how owners of pages advertise them and notify search engines of them. And if an engine is slow/busy, just go to another. You also should periodically try several to see if they happen to give better results for the types of things you're currently looking for.

    Some General Search Engines

  • Google! ( was developed by Stanford University students and has been rated by several computer magazines as having the most relevant results. It keys in on sites that "belong" to your search word or phrase -- for example, if you type in "General Motors" you get the GM home page. It especially works well with military and government sites -- especially organizations or systems known by their acronym (such as BMDO).
  • 20 Great Google Secrets, PC Magazine

  • Yahoo! (

  • AltaVista ( is a comprehensive search engine, but to get the most of it you really need to try out the advanced searches and tips to find those which work best for you.

  • Ask (formerly Ask Jeeves) ( can be a quick solution for many of your searches. Type in your question and (usually) quickly get several sources of the answer. So far it's worked for stuff from F-22 pictures, to specific recipes, to flags and rulers of countries.

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