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  • The Strategy of Technology, by Possony, Pournelle, and Kane - full text of classic book from 1970, with some updates and comments - many good sections still pertinent and thought provoking - if nothing else, at least view the table of contents for ideas
  • How Stuff Works, technology explained so even I can understand

  • The National Academies - science, engineering, medicine, & National Research Council

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  • China can 'see' US stealth aircraft -- 11/30/99 London Times article about Chinese use of PCL technology which can detect U.S. stealth aircraft

  • Design and Optimization of Passive and Active Imaging Radar, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Lockheed Martin "Silent Sentry" system, similar to Chinese
    • PCL system able to detect 600 km away, tested using shuttle
    • May 1998, by accident Lockheed-Martin discovers the PCL system can detect meteorites as small as grain of sand
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