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Funding OverviewBack to Top

  • Check with individual institutions for special funding availability -- such as with CPC and CSAT.

  • For larger projects and long-term projects, consider POM funding.

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Education and Training Technology Application Program (ETTAP) Back to Top
  • AETC fund for new projects in using technology for education. Each year it has money to distribute to a variety of projects, such as the experiment with e-books in place of traditional hard copy books.

  • Purpose of ETTAP. ETTAP is designed to identify and evaluate innovative technologies improving the efficiency and effectiveness of education and training. (from AETC Instruction 36-2218).

  • ETTAP looks for proposals from throughout AETC. Below are some examples of past submittals.
    • Evaluation of thin client technology in the classroom
    • Presentation and manipulation of satellite imagery to enhance curriculum
    • Integrate information technology into the classroom to transform the presentation of curricular and problem-solving scenarios with multiple people, systems, and resources -- similar to a battle lab
    • Evaluate the use of e-book technology in resident classrooms to migrate to paperless environment
    • Integrate computer assisted instruction (CAI), computer based instruction (CBI), and interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) into in-residence education
    • Implement use of state-of-the-art technology for distance learning course(s)

  • AETC Instruction 36-2218 Education and Training Technology Application Program (ETTAP), local copy, 2 Mar 2001

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Back to Top
  • Air Force Policy Directive 61-3 Domestic Technology Transfer, 6 Feb 2001, covers "CRADAs, Commercial Test Agreements (CTAs), patent licenses or assignments, Education Partnership Agreements (EPAs), grants, Cooperative Agreements and Other Transactions, and Small Business Innovation Research awards, and other agreements."

  • CRADA page at AFRL/IF -- including preparation process
    • "A CRADA may be entered into by the government with any one of the following organizations: industry, university, not-for-profit, as well as a state or local government. Under a CRADA arrangement a government organization may contribute people, equipment and facilities but no money. The collaborating party may contribute the same and may provide money for manpower reimbursement or other things if required. "

  • CRADA agreements tend to focus on technology transfer, so look for projects which could demonstrate or validate or explore use of technologies.

  • CRADA template, local copy, from AFRL/IF

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