The Combined Bomber Offensive: Classical and Revolutionary,
Combined and Divided, Planned and Fortuitous
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Lieutenant General IRA C. EAKER, USAF (Ret.), spent a long and active military career in the Army Air Corps. During World War II he commanded the Eighth Air Force in Europe and was instrumental in organizing and implementing the Strategic Air Offensive against Germany. After the war he became Deputy Commander of the USAAF. Since his retirement in 1947 he has been an active spokesman for United States air power and military preparedness.

NOBLE FRANKLAND, Director of the Imperial War Museum, London, is co-author (with Sir Charles Webster) of the official British four-volume history, The Strategic Air Offensive against Germany 1939-1945 (1961).

ROBERT F. FUTRELL, historian with the U. S. Air Force Historical Division, Air University, Maxwell AFB, Ala., has published several studies on U. S. air power employment in the USAF Historical Studies series and is the author of The United States Air Force in Korea, 1950-1953 (1961).

Lieutenant General ADOLF GALLAND, German Air Force, World War II, was one of Germany's youngest air force generals and among the leading fighter aces of the Luftwaffe. He is the author of The First and the Last: The Rise and Fall of the German Fighter Forces, 1938-1945 (1954).

ROBIN HIGHAM, Professor of History at Kansas State University, is the author of numerous articles, reviews and books, among which are The British Rigid Airship, 1908-1931: A Study in Weapons Policy (1961) and The Military Intellectuals in Britain, 1918-1939 (1966). He is also the editor of Military Affairs, the journal of the American Military Institute.

Air Vice-Marshal E. I. KINGSTON-McCLOUGHRY, C. B., C. B. E., D. S. O., D. F. C., spent his long service career in the RAF, from the time he joined the Flying Corps in 1917 until his retirement in 1953. Among his numerous publications on defense policy and strategy are Defense: Policy and Strategy (1960) and The Spectrum of Strategy (1964).

Field Marshal ERHARD MILCH, German Air Force, World War II, was a fighter pilot in World War I. In 1933 he became State Secretary for Aviation in the new Air Ministry under Hermann Goering. During World War II he rose to the rank of Field Marshal in the Luftwaffe and served as Goering's deputy.

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir JOHN SLESSOR, C. C. B., D. S. O., M. C., spent a long and distinguished career in the Royal Air Force. Among his numerous publications are Strategy for the West (1954) and These Remain: A Personal Anthology (1968).

Lieutenant General JOHANNES STEINHOFF had a distinguished record in the German Air Force during World War II as one of the outstanding Luftwaffe aces and commander of the first jet fighter squadron (Me-262s). In 1956 he joined the newly established German Air Force and in 1966 he was named Chief of Staff of the West German Air Force. In addition to several articles and reviews, he is the author Die Strasse von Messina: Tagebuch des Kommodore (1969).