Clausewitz Condensed

Patrick M. Cronin

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Quotations for this paper are followed by the page number(s) of the Howard and Paret translation of On War.

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Table of Contents

Title Page


1. War Continues Policy By Violent Means

2. Triad of Government, Armed Services, and People

3. Role of Political Leaders

  1. Policymakers Shape Military Strategy
  2. Policymakers Should Grasp Military Affairs
4. Role of Military Leaders
  1. Political Leaders are Paramount
  2. Military Leaders Should Help Shape Policy
5. Conduct of War
  1. Theory is a Guide
  2. Friction of War
  3. Proper Focus for Armed Force
  4. Economy of Force
  5. Defense
  6. Offense
  7. Numerical Superiority
  8. Surprise
  9. Morale and Will
6. Cautionary Notes

Selected Bibliography