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Leavenworth shield Student Text 22-2
Writing and Speaking Skills
Leaders at the Organizational Level

August 1998

Army Values and Preface

Chapter 1. Communication Skills for Leaders at the Organizational Level 1-1
Chapter 2. Effective Writing--From Tasking to Final 2-1
Chapter 3. Effective Speaking--From Tasking to Final Presentation 3-1
Appendix A. Sample Essay A-1
Appendix B. Simpler Words and Phrases B-1
Appendix C. Evaluating C-1
Appendix D. Military Briefing Guides D-1
Appendix E. Designing Visual Supports E-1
Appendix F. Speaking F-1
Appendix G. Evaluating Speaking G-1
(Supersedes Student Text 22-2, Writing and Speaking Skills For Senior Leaders, April 1991)
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