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The Gathering
Warfare Storm

Col.(Dr.) Jim A. Davis
Dr. Barry Schneider

April 2002
(Second edition)

Table of Contents
Front matter
Table 1 - BW Agents - Vaccine, Therapeutics, and Prophylaxis (part 1)
Table 2 - BW Agents - Vaccine, Therapeutics, and Prophylaxis (part 2)

U.S. Bio-defense Readiness: Thoughts after September 11th
Barry R. Schneider

Surveillance and Detection: A Public Health Response to Bioterrorism
Barbara F. Bullock

The Anthrax Terror: DOD's Number-One Biological Threat
Jim A. Davis and Anna Johnson-Winegar

Efficacy and Safety of the Anthrax Vaccine
Richard A. Hersack

Smallpox: A Primer
Brenda J. McEleney

The Prospects for Biological War in the Middle East
Brad Roberts

Assessment of the Emerging Biocruise Threat
Rex R. Kiziah

Next Generation Bioweapons: Genetic Engineering and BW
Michael Ainscough

A Biological Warfare Wake-Up Call: Prevalent Myths and Likely Scenarios
Jim A. Davis