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The Homeland Security Papers:
Stemming the Tide of Terror

Michael W. Ritz
Ralph G. Hensley, Jr.
James C. "Chris" Whitmire

February 2004

Table of Contents
Front matter

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Michael W. Ritz, Ralph G. Hensley, Jr., James C. Whitmire

Chapter 2 - What Price Security? The USA PATRIOT Act and America’s Balance Between Freedom and Security
Roger Dean Golden

Chapter 3 - The Colombian War and the Narco-Terrorist Threat
Dario E. Teicher

Chapter 4 - Protecting America’s Seaports: The Vulnerability of Intermodel Commerce
L. Edward Mayer

Chapter 5 - Gulf of Mexico: Offshore Energy Infrastructure At Risk?
Brian S. Norman
(Not available online, but may be formally requested by sending a written request on your company letterhead and faxing to (334) 953-7530.)

Chapter 6 - Computer Network Defense: Department of Defense and the National Response
James M. Jenkins

Chapter 7 - Improving the Effectiveness of First Responders in Homeland Security
Phillip A. Bossert

Chapter 8 - Homeland Security: Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Partnerships
James Chambers

Chapter 9 - The Psychological Impact of Terrorist Attacks: Lessons Learned For Future Threats
Judith J. Mathewson

Chapter 10 - Canada and the United States- Defense Cooperation in U.S. Northern Command?
David B. Millar