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Know Thy Enemy:
Profiles of Adversary
Leaders and Their
Strategic Cultures

Barry R. Schneider
Jerrold M. Post

July 2003
(Second edition)

Table of Contents
Front matter

Chapter 1 - Deterring International Rivals From War and Escalation
Barry R. Schneider

Chapter 2 - Killing In The Name Of God: Osama Bin Laden And Al Qaeda
Jerrold M. Post

Chapter 3 - The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Radicalism
Gary M. Servold

Chapter 4 - Struggle for the Control of Pakistan: Musharraf Takes On the Islamist Radicals
Stephen F. Burgess

Chapter 5 - Kim Chong-il’s Erratic Decision-Making and North Korea’s Strategic Culture
Merrily Baird

Chapter 6 - The Crucible of Radical Islam: Iran’s Leaders and Strategic Culture
Gregory F. Giles

Chapter 7 - “Saddam is Iraq: Iraq is Saddam” (Until Operation Iraqi Freedom)
Jerrold M. Post and Amatzia Baram

Chapter 8 - Syria Under Bashar al-Asad: Clinging To His Roots?
Christopher Hemmer

Chapter 9 - Muammar Qaddafi and Libya’s Strategic Culture
Craig R. Black

Chapter 10 - The Need for Influence Theory and Actor-Specific Behavioral Models of Adversaries
Alexander L. George

Chapter 11 - Precise Assessments of Rivals: Vital in Asymmetric War Threat Environment
Jerrold M. Post and Barry R. Schneider