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American Forces Press Service

"Rumsfeld’s Rules" Find Pentagon Readers

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2001 -- I’ll never forget being in the front leaning rest with a tac sergeant standing over me as I recited the “Standing Orders of Rogers’ Rangers.”

The first was, “Don’t never forget nothing.”

While Pentagon workers probably won’t have to do push-ups as punishment, it’s a safe bet that many in DoD are studying a new list entitled “Rumsfeld’s Rules.”

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has distilled the lessons of almost 50 years of service in a 19-page handout. In the short introduction, Rumsfeld said he got the “Rules” from his service as White House chief of staff, defense secretary, naval aviator and ambassador. He also applied lessons he learned in business.

Here are some of Rumsfeld’s Rules: