AGS Alliance Ground Surveillance

ARG Amphibious Ready Group

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System

BRAC Base Realignment and Closure

BUR Bottom-Up Review

C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

CBW Chemical and Biological Weapons

CMD Cruise Missile Defense

CONUS Continental United States

CORM Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces

CS/CSS Combat Support/Combat Service Support

DTO Defense Technology Objective

eSB enhanced Separate Brigade

EXFOR Experimental Force

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FCS Future Combat System

FSU Former Soviet Union

FY Fiscal Year

FYDP Future Years Defense Program

GATM Global Air Traffic Management

GCCS Global Command and Control System

GPRA Government Performance and
Results Act

GPS Global Positioning System

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

IMET International Military Education and Training

JSF Joint Strike Fighter

JSOW Joint Stand-Off Weapon

JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System

LD/HD Low Density/High Demand

LMSR Large Medium-Speed Roll-On/Roll-Off

MEADS Medium Extended Air Defense System

MEF Marine Expeditionary Force

MTW Major Theater War

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical

NMD National Missile Defense

O&S Operations and Support

OPTEMPO Operating Tempo

OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

.L. Public Law

PDD Presidential Decision Directive

PERSTEMPO Personnel Tempo

QDR Quadrennial Defense Review

R&D Research and Development

RBA Revolution in Business Affairs

RMA Revolution in Military Affairs

S&T Science and Technology

SOF Special Operations Forces

SSC Smaller-Scale Contingency

SSBN Ballistic Missile Submarine

START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense

TOW Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked Wire Command-Link Guided

UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UCP Unified Command Plan

USC United States Code