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IS 195 - Basic Incident Command System 

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Description Size Pages
Cover 41 KB 1 printed page
Table of Contents 17 KB 4 printed pages
Course Introduction 25 KB 5 printed pages
Pre-course Test and Answer Key 53 KB 16 printed pages
Unit 1 - Introduction to the Basic Incident Command System 115 KB 22 printed pages
Unit 2 - The Basic Incident Command System Organizations 116 KB 25 printed pages
Unit 3 - Incident Facilities 112 KB 15 printed pages
Unit 4 - Incident Resource Management 68 KB 13 printed pages
Unit 5 - Incident Command System Assignments 80 KB 9 printed pages
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms 44 KB 12 printed pages
Appendix B: Forms 1.191 MB 29 printed pages
Appendix C: Final Examination 242 KB 12 printed pages
Total Course in One File 2.2MB 168 printed pages