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Appendix C - FRP Changes and Revision

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    Like all emergency plans, the Federal Response Plan (FRP) is a dynamic document, constantly being refined and updated to reflect lessons learned from actual disaster experience. This appendix establishes procedures for changing and revising the FRP.

    Types of Changes.  Changes include additions of new or supplementary material and deletions.  No proposed change should contravene authorities or other plans now contained in statute or regulation.

    Format for Changes.  To facilitate review and coordination of proposed changes, use the original text and show new material (additions) by shading or redlining; show deletions by strikeouts.

    Coordination and Approval.  Any signatory agency may propose and develop a change to the FRP.  The agency proposing the change has the responsibility to coordinate it among the primary and support agencies of each affected Emergency Support Function and any associated agency program areas as required.  The proposing agency then must:

    • Obtain the official written approval for the change from the appropriate senior officials of the affected agencies;
    • Provide the final change to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Response and Recovery (RR) Directorate, Planning and Coordination Branch, Attention: Branch Chief, Room 600, Washington, DC  20472 (fax: (202) 646-2901) for tracking, review, and official issuance.

    Notice of Change.  After coordination has been accomplished, including receipt of the necessary signed approval supporting the final change language, FEMA will issue an official Notice of Change signed by the FEMA Associate Director, RR.

    • The Notice will specify the date, number, subject, purpose, supersession, background, and action required, and provide the change language on one or more numbered and dated insert pages that will replace the previous pages in the FRP.  (Record changes to the FRP on the page provided at the front of the document.)
    • Once published, the changes will be considered part of the FRP for operational purposes pending a formal revision and reissuance of the entire document.
    • Interim changes can be further modified or updated using the above process.

    Distribution.  FEMA will distribute each Notice of Change to all signatory agencies, FEMA Headquarters and Regional Offices, and State emergency management offices.  Notices of Change to other organizations will be provided upon request.

    Reissuance of the FRP.  FEMA is responsible for coordinating periodic reviews and revisions of the FRP.  It will distribute a revised FRP for concurrence and request the signature of the head or a designated senior official of each participating agency.

    Additional Copies.  Obtain additional copies of Notices of Change from the FEMA Distribution Center at 1(800) 480-2520.

    Updated: June 3, 1999