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Recovery Function to the Federal Response Plan, April 1999

The following abbreviations are used throughout this matrix:  Presidential declaration (PD); available without declaration (AWD); Federal agency (F); State agency (S); locality (L); individual/family (I); nonprofit organization (N); Indian Tribe (T); business (B); and not provided (N/P).
    Program Agency Assistance Provided Activating Mechanism Eligibility
    Emergency Haying and Grazing Dept. of Agriculture (USDA), Farm Service Agency (FSA) Emergency authority to harvest hay or to graze land devoted to conservation and environmental uses under the Conservation Reserve Program. AWD I/B
    Emergency Loans  USDA, FSA Low-interest loans to family farmers and ranchers for production losses and physical damage. PD; designated by Secretary of Agriculture or Administrator, FSA (physical losses only). I/B
    Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program  USDA, FSA Direct payments to reduce financial losses resulting from a natural disaster that causes production loss or prevents planting of crops grown commercially for food or fiber, for which Federal crop insurance is not available. AWD I
    Emergency Conservation Program USDA, FSA Cost-share payments to rehabilitate farmlands damaged by natural disasters and to carry out emergency water conservation or water-enhancing measures during times of severe drought, in cases when the damage or drought is so severe that Federal assistance is necessary. AWD I/B
    Agricultural Marketing Transition Act (AMTA) Program USDA, FSA Direct payments to eligible producers of program crops that comply with AMTA requirements. AWD I/B
    Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) USDA, FSA Voluntary program that offers annual rental payments, incentive payments for certain activities, and cost-share assistance to establish approved cover on eligible cropland. AWD I/B
    Farm Operation Loans USDA, FSA Loans and loan guarantees to be used for farm operating costs. N/P I
    Farm Ownership Loans USDA, FSA Direct loans, guaranteed loans, and technical assistance for farmers in acquiring or enlarging farms or ranches; making capital improvements; promoting soil and water conservation; and paying closing costs. AWD I
    Emergency Food Assistance (Emergency Food Stamp and Food Commodity Program) USDA, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Direct payments to States for specified uses. PD; declaration by the Secretary of Agriculture. S/I
    Food Distribution USDA, FNS Donations of USDA-purchased food. PD; declaration by Secretary of Agriculture and compliance with eligibility criteria. F/S/L/N
    Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Direct payments and technical assistance to install structural and nonstructural measures to relieve imminent threats to life and/or property, and to purchase floodplain easements.  Technical assistance such as site evaluations, design work, and installation inspections also are provided through the program. AWD; triggered by NRCS State Conservationist. S/L/N/B/I
    Water           Resources USDA, NRCS Project grants for the installation of preventive measures such as dams, channels, flood warning systems, purchasing easements, floodplain delineation, and land treatment.  Advisory and counseling services also are available. N/P S/L/N
    Resource Conservation and             Development (RC&D) USDA, NRCS Technical assistance and loans to finance local project costs.  Projects may include  land and water conservation, resource improvements, recreational development, and waste disposal projects. AWD L/N
    River Basin Project USDA, NRCS Technical assistance.  Special priority is given to projects designed to solve problems of upstream rural community flooding, water quality improvement that comes from agricultural nonpoint sources, wetlands preservation, and drought management for agricultural and rural communities.  Special emphasis is placed on helping State agencies develop strategic water resource plans. AWD; triggered by NRCS State Conservationist. F/S/L
    Soil Survey USDA, NRCS Technical assistance.  Objective is to maintain up-to-date, published surveys (and soil survey data in other formats) of counties or other areas of comparable size for use by interested agencies, organizations, and individuals; and to assist in the use of this information. N/P S/L/N/B/I
    Federal Crop Insurance Program USDA, Risk Management Agency (RMA) Direct payments of insurance claims.  Insurance against unavoidable causes of loss such as adverse weather conditions, fire, insects, or other natural disasters beyond the producer’s control.  No activating mechanism is needed, but availability is based on crop-specific sales, closing dates, and the availability of crops in particular counties.  I
    Business and Industrial Loan Program (B&I) USDA, Rural Business Service Guaranteed and direct loans up to $10 million.  Possible disaster uses include drilling wells, purchasing water, or tying into other water programs. AWD B/N/T and public bodies
    Farm Labor Housing and Grants USDA, Rural Housing Service (RHS) Loans and grants to provide housing and related facilities for domestic farmers. No deadlines. I/B
    Rural Housing Site Loans USDA, RHS Loans for the purchase and development of housing and necessary equipment that becomes a permanent part of the development (e.g., water and sewer lines). AWD N
    Rural Rental Housing Loans USDA, RHS Loans for the purchase, building, or repair of rental housing.  Funds can also be used to provide water and waste disposal systems. AWD I/S/L/B
    Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants (ECWAG) USDA, Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Project grants to help rural residents obtain adequate water supplies. PD S/L/N
    Water and Waste Disposal Loans and Grants USDA, RUS Project grants and direct and guaranteed loans to develop, replace, or repair water and waste disposal systems in rural areas and towns having populations of 10,000 or less. AWD L/N/T
    Voluntary Organizations Recovery Assistance American Red Cross, Mennonite Disaster Service, Salvation Army, and member organizations of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Mass care (shelter and feeding), welfare inquiries, health and mental health services, child care, home repairs (labor and funding), emergency communications, debris removal, burn services, cleaning supplies, personal property, distribution of supplies, transportation, loan personnel, and other specialized programs and services. Disaster event. I
    Economic Adjustment Program —Disaster Economic Recovery Assistance Dept. of Commerce (DOC), Economic Development Administration (EDA) Planning and technical assistance grants to State and local governments for strategic recovery planning and implementation to focus on job retention/creation to help offset the economic impacts of a major disaster. PD; requires supplemental appropriation (SA). S/L/N/T
    Economic Adjustment Program —  Disaster Economic Recovery Assistance DOC, EDA Revolving loan fund grants to State and local governments to provide a source of local financing to support business and economic recovery after a major disaster where other financing is insufficient or unavailable. PD; SA S/L/N/T
    Economic Adjustment Program —  Disaster Economic Recovery Assistance DOC, EDA Infrastructure construction grants to address local recovery implementation needs for new or improved publicly owned infrastructure after a major disaster, support job creation and retention, leverage private investment, and help accelerate and safeguard the overall economic recovery of the disaster-impacted area. PD; SA S/L/N/T
    Corporation for National Service (CNS) Programs CNS Volunteers of all ages/backgrounds provide short/long-term response and recovery assistance.  They are available through the community or national deployment.  PD  F/S/N/T
    Beach Erosion Control Projects Dept. of Defense (DOD), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)  Specialized services.  USACE designs and constructs the project. Decision of the Chief of Engineers. S/L
    Emergency Rehabilitation of Flood Control Works or Federally Authorized Coastal Protection Works DOD, USACE Specialized services to assist in the repair and restoration of public works damaged by flood, extraordinary wind, wave, or water action. Approval by            HQUSACE. S/L/N/I
    Emergency Water Supply and Drought Assistance Programs DOD, USACE Emergency supplies of clean drinking water for human consumption and construction of wells. Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works designates the area as  “drought distressed.”   L
    Flood and Post-Flood Response, Emergency Operations DOD, USACE Specialized services, such as flood fighting and rescue, protection of federally constructed shore or hurricane projects, and postflood response assistance. Designation by USACE district commander. S/L
    Watercourse Navigation: Protecting, Clearing, and Straightening Channels DOD, USACE Specialized services, such as clearing or removing unreasonable obstructions to navigation in rivers, harbors, and other waterways or tributaries. Decision of the Chief of Engineers. S/L
    Community Disaster Loan Program Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Program provides loans not greater than 25% of the local government’s annual operating budget. PD L
    Cora C. Brown Fund FEMA Grants to disaster victims for unmet disaster-related needs. PD, designation for individual assistance. I
    Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program (CCP) FEMA; Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) Grants to States providing for short-term counseling services to disaster victims. Governor’s request. I, via S
    Fire Suppression Assistance Program FEMA Project grants.  FEMA approves a grant to a State on the condition that the State takes measures to mitigate natural hazards, including consideration of nonstructural alternatives. Decision by FEMA. S
    Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) FEMA Project grants to implement hazard mitigation plans and prevent future loss of lives and property.   PD L/N, via S
    Individual and Family Grant (IFG) Program FEMA Grants to individuals administered by the State.  Objective is to provide funds for the expenses of disaster victims that cannot be met through insurance or other assistance programs. PD, designation for individual assistance.  Requires specific request by State Governor. I, via S
    Legal Services FEMA Free legal advice and referrals.  Assistance includes help with insurance claims, counseling on landlord-tenant and mortgage problems, assistance with home repair contracts and consumer protection matters, replacement of legal documents, estate administration, preparation of guardianships and conservatorships, and referrals. PD, designation for individual assistance. I
    National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) FEMA Insurance benefits against losses from floods, mudflow, or flood-related erosion. AWD I/B/S
    NFIP, Community Assistance Program FEMA Grants to States for technical assistance to resolve floodplain management issues. AWD S/L
    Public Assistance Program FEMA Project grants.  Funds can be used for clearing debris, emergency measures, and repairing or replacing damaged structures, roads, utilities, public buildings, and infrastructure. PD, designation for public assistance. L/N, via S
    Disaster Housing Program FEMA Direct-payment grants and services.  Grants include transient accommodation reimbursement, and home repair, rental, and mortgage assistance.  Services may include a mobile home. PD, designation for individual assistance. I
    Regulatory Relief for Federally Insured Financial Institutions Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and other Federal regulatory agencies Specialized services.  Supervisory agencies can grant regulatory relief to insured institutions.  Regulatory relief  includes lending assistance, extensions of reporting and publishing requirements, waivers from appraisal regulations, and implementation of consumer protection laws. PD; other disaster that affects the ability of a federally insured financial institution to provide normal services. N/B
    Donation of Federal Surplus Personal Property General Services Administration (GSA) Donations of surplus personal property to eligible recipients. N/P S/L/N/public airports.
    Disposal of Federal Surplus Real Property GSA Sale, exchange, or donations of property and goods. N/P S/L/N
    Disaster Assistance for Older       Americans HHS,           Administration on Aging Direct payments to State agencies focused on aging-related services.   PD  I, via S
    Mental Health Disaster Assistance HHS, Public Health Service Project grants to provide emergency mental health and substance abuse counseling to individuals affected by a major disaster. Supplemental appropriation by Congress relating to PD. I, via S
    Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program — Entitlement Grants Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Community Planning and Development (CPD) Formula grants to entitlement communities. Preferred use of funding is for long-term needs, but funding may also be used for emergency response activities.  Supplemental appropriation by Congress relating to PD. L
    CDBG — State’s Program HUD, CPD Formula grants to States for non-entitlement communities.  Preferred use of funding is for long-term needs, but funding may also be used for emergency response activities.  States establish methods of fund distribution.  Supplemental appropriation by Congress relating to PD. L, via S
    Mortgage Insurance for Disaster Victims Program (Section 203 (h)) HUD Provides mortgage insurance to protect lenders against the risk of default on loans to qualified disaster victims whose homes are located in a presidentially designated disaster area and were destroyed, requiring reconstruction/replacement.  Insured loans may be used to finance the purchase or reconstruction of a one-family home that will be the principal residence of the homeowner. PD I
    Reclamation States Emergency Drought Relief Act of 1991 Dept. of the Interior (DOI), Bureau of Reclamation Loans, grants, use of facilities, construction, management and conservation activities, and purchase of water for resale or for fish and wildlife services.  Temporary drought assistance may include the drilling of wells, installation of equipment, improved reporting of conditions.  Request for drought assistance and approval by Commissioner of Reclamation. F/S/N/I
    Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Dept. of Labor (DOL); FEMA Direct payments of DUA benefits and reemployment assistance services.  Objective is to provide assistance to individuals who are ineligible for regular unemployment compensation programs and who are left jobless after a major disaster. PD, designation for individual assistance.  PD may be limited to DUA only. I, via S
    Employment: Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA), National Reserve Emergency Dislocation Grants DOL, Employment and Training Administration Program provides States with grant money to provide individuals with temporary jobs and/or employment assistance.  PD I, via S
    Price-Anderson Act American Nuclear Insurers and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) (for commercial nuclear power plants); Dept. of Energy (for DOE facilities) Payment of liability claims that arise from a nuclear power reactor accident.  Insurance-provided assistance may compensate victims for increased living expenses after an evacuation, unemployment, business losses, environmental cleanup, reduced property values, and costs associated from bodily injury.  AWD I
    Price-Anderson Act NRC Insurance reimburses States and municipalities for costs necessarily incurred in providing emergency food, shelter, transportation, or police services in evacuating the public after a nuclear power reactor accident. AWD S/L
    Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs) Small Business Administration (SBA) Direct long-term, low-interest loans to small businesses and agricultural cooperatives.  Loans are only available to applicants with no credit available elsewhere, and the maximum amount of an EIDL is $1.5 million. PD; declaration of a disaster by the Secretary of Agriculture and/or SBA-declared disaster. B
    Physical Disaster Loans (Business) SBA Direct long-term, low-interest loans to businesses and nonprofit organizations.  Loans provided to repair or replace uninsured property damages caused by disasters.  Loans limited to $1.5 million. PD or SBA declaration. N/B
    Physical Disaster Loans (Individual) SBA Direct long-term, low-interest loans to homeowners and renters to repair or replace uninsured damages caused by disasters to real and personal property.  Loan amounts limited to $200,000 to repair or replace real estate, and to $40,000 to repair or replace personal property.  PD or SBA declaration. I
    Social Security Assistance Social Security Administration (SSA) Advisory and counseling services to process SSA survivor claims, assist in obtaining necessary evidence for claim processing, resolve problems involving lost or destroyed SSA checks, and reprocess lost or destroyed pending claims. PD; AWD I
    International Donations Dept. of State Donations including goods and cash. Request for international coordination assistance from FEMA’s Donations Coordinator. I
    Transportation: Emergency Relief Program Dept. of Transportation (DOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Formula and project grants to repair roads.  FHWA can provide: (1) up to $100 million in funding to a State for each natural disaster or catastrophic failure; and (2) up to $20 million in funding per year for each U.S. territory.  Special legislation may increase the $100 million per State limit.  PD; AWD F/S
    Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Refund Dept. of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Specialized services to provide Federal alcohol and tobacco excise tax refunds to businesses that lost assets in a disaster. PD B
    Savings Bonds Replacement or Redemption Treasury, Bureau of Public Debt Specialized services.  Bureau of Public Debt expedites replacement of U.S. Savings Bonds lost or destroyed as a result of a disaster. PD I
    Taxes: Disaster Assistance Program Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Advisory and counseling services.  IRS provides information about casualty loss deductions, claim procedures, and reconstruction of lost financial records. PD I/B
    Forbearance on VA Home Loans Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) Encourage lenders to extend forbearance to any borrowers who have VA home loans and who are in distress as a result of disaster; provide incentives to such lenders. PD I
    Coastal Zone Management; Hazards, Environmental Recovery, and Mitigation DOC, National Oceanic and Atmosphieric Administration (NOAA) Assistance to State and local governments in mitigation and recovery/restoration planning, postevent permitting assistance, water-level data for storm-surge and flooding prediction and mitigation. PD for postevent; AWD from coastal State(s) for pre-event planning. S
    Re-establishing Local Survey Networks DOC, NOAA Provision of survey mark data to local and State agencies for re-establishing their geodetic control networks; re-establishment of national network if warranted. PD; AWD depending on funding availability. S/L
    Coastal Zone Management Administration Awards DOC, NOAA Grants to States for the management of coastal development to protect life and property from coastal hazards. AWD requires supplemental appropriation by Congress relating to PD for poststorm coastal hazard mitigation and recovery activities. S/L/T via S
    Coastal Zone Management Fund DOC, NOAA Emergency grants to State coastal zone management agencies to address unforeseen or disaster-related circumstances. AWD subject to amounts provided in appropriation acts.  No funds currently appropriated. S/L/T via S
    Technical Support DOC, NOAA, National Weather Service Technical assistance for weather, water, and climate warning systems and critical information dissemination systems.  Poststorm data acquisition activities. AWD F/S/L/N/T
    Technical Support DOC, National Institute of Standards and Technology Disaster damage surveys, assistance in procurement of consulting services, evaluation of structural and fire performance of buildings and lifelines. Federally declared disasters to buildings and lifelines, on cost-reimbursable basis. F/S/L
Updated: June 3, 1999