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Oblique Order
Turning Movement
Greek Hoplite
Greek Phalanx
Greek Trireme
Macedonian Phalanx (syntagma)
Macedonian Catapult
Battle of Arbela (or Guagamela)
Battle of Cannae (Note)
Roman Legionnaire
Roman Siegecraft (Note)
Roman Field Defenses, used for countervallation
Roman Onager
Roman Ballista
Roman Centurion and Gladius
Viking Invasions, 8th-10th Century
Swiss Phalanx (circa 1339)
Parts of Cannon Barrel
Firelock Musket Mechanism
"Brown Bess" Musket, 1750, caliber .75
Minie' Ball
Spencer Carbine and Rifle, caliber .50-.56
Gatling Gun, 1862, caliber .58
French 75 mm Field Gun, 1897
Maxim Machine Gun, 1893
USS Holland, Submarine, 1905
H.M.S. Dreadnought
WW I German Maxim Machine Gun, model 08-15, 7.92 mm
WW I American Machine Gun Crew
WW I Trench Exit
WW I Artillery (Big)
WW I Gas Attack
WW I Gas Masks a Must
WW I Mark IV Tank
WW I Aero Squadron
WW I Aerial Bombs
WW II Sherman Tank with Flailing Attachment
WW II Russian T-34 Medium Tank
WW II German 88 mm (antitank/antiaircraft)
WW II D-Day Paratrooper with Bazooka
WW II USS Timosa, American Sub, Gato class, in Pacific, 1943-44
WW II Japanese Carrier Zhiho, Disguised
WW II B-29 Bombers
WW II German Jet ME-262
WW II Hiroshima, ground zero mid-picture
Apaches on Warpath, in desert, 1991
Patriot Missile, test launch
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)
M1A1 Battletank, in desert, 1991
USS Hancock, Aircraft Carrier