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Operation Desert Storm:
Evaluation of the Air Campaign
(Letter Report, 06/12/97, GAO/NSIAD-97-134)


  AAA - antiaircraft artillery
  ABCCC - airborne battlefield command, control, and communications
  AC - aircraft
  ACTD - Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
  ADOC - air defense operation center
  AI - air interdiction
  AIF - automated intelligence file
  ALCM - air-launched cruise missile
  AOB - air order of battle
  APC - armored personnel carrier
  ATO - air tasking order
  ATODAY - air tasking order day
  AWACS - airborne warning and control system
  BDA - battle damage assessment
  BE - basic encyclopedia
  BUR - Bottom-Up Review
  C\2 - command and control
  C\3 ,CCC - command, control, and communications
  CALCM - conventional air-launched cruise missile
  CAP - combat air patrol
  CAS - close air support
  CBU - cluster bomb unit
  CENTAF - Air Force Component, Central Command
  CENTCOM - Central Command
  CEP - circular error probable
  CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
  CINC - commander in chief
  CNA - Center for Naval Analyses
  COG - center of gravity
  CSAR - combat search and rescue
  CW - continuous wave
  D-day - first day of Operation Desert Storm (17January1991) 
  DAISUM - daily intelligence summary
  DAWMS - Deep Attack/Weapons Mix Study
  DCA - defensive counterair
  DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
  DLIR - downward-looking infrared
  DMA - Defense Mapping Agency
  DMPI - desired mean point of impact
  DOD - Department of Defense
  DS - Desert Storm
  DSCS - Defense Satellite Communication System
  DSMAC - Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator
  ELE - electrical facilities
  EO - electro-optical
  EW - electronic warfare
  FLIR - forward-looking infrared
  FOV - field of view
  FS - fully successful
  FSTC - Foreign Science and Technology Center
  G-day - first day of the ground campaign (24February1991) 
  GBU - guided-bomb unit
  GOB - ground order of battle
  GPS - global positioning system
  GVC - government centers
  GWAPS - Gulf War Air Power Survey
  HARM - high-speed anti-radiation missile
  IADS - integrated air defense system
  IDA - Institute for Defense Analyses
  IFF - identification of friend or foe
  IOC - intercept operations center
  IR - infrared
  JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff
  JEWC - Joint Electronic Warfare Center
  JMEM - Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
  JMO - joint maritime operations
  JSTARS - Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
  KBX - kill box
  KTO - Kuwait theater of operations
  LANTIRN - low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night
  LGB - laser-guided bomb
  LOC - lines of communication
  MAP - Master Attack Plan
  MIB - military industrial base
  MTL - Master Target List
  NAV - naval
  NBC - nuclear, biological, and chemical
  NFS - not fully successful
  NMAC - near midair collision
  OCA - offensive counterair
  OIL - oil refining, storage, and distribution
  OPORD - operation order
  PD - probability of destruction
  PGM - precision-guided munition
  P(k) - probability of kill
  POL - petroleum, oil, and lubricants
  PWD - programmed warhead detonation
  RCS - radar cross-section
  RG - Republican Guard
  RGFC - Republican Guard Forces Command
  RP - reporting post
  SAD - strategic air defense
  SAM - surface-to-air missile
  SCAP - surface combat air patrol
  SCU - Scud missile
  SEAD - suppression of enemy air defenses
  SOC - sector operations center
  SOF - special operations forces
  SPEAR - Strike Projection Evaluation and Anti-Air Research
  SSPH - single-shot probability of hit
  TALD - tactical air-launched decoy
  TERCOM - Terrain Contour Matching
  TFW - tactical fighter wing
  TLAM - Tomahawk land attack missile
  TOE - type of effort
  TOT - time on target
  TRAM - target recognition and attack multisensor
  USAF - U.S.  Air Force
  WOE - weight of effort