"...[W]e set our course collectively, and I was a part of that. Under the leadership of Secretary Sheila Widnall and General Ron Fogleman, we had a very inclusive effort to formulate and centralize the publication of our corporate vision, and all of the leadership of the Air Force is behind that vision. That's our flight plan - our challenge is to fly it."
                     General Michael E. Ryan - Chief of Staff, United States Air Force

Welcome to the United States Air Force vision into the first quarter of the 21st Century. This vision is one of air and space power and covers all aspects of our Air Force - people, capabilities, and support structures. It charts a path into the next century as an Air Force team within a joint team.

While Global Reach-Global Power has served us well, extraordinary developments in the post-Cold War era have made it essential that we design a new strategic vision for the United States Air Force. As a result, we embarked on an intensive 18-month effort to develop a comprehensive vision to shape the nation's Air Force during the first quarter of the 21st Century. This endeavor culminated in a week-long meeting of senior Air Force leaders who agreed on the future direction of our Service.

Global Engagement: A Vision for the 21st Century Air Force flows from the National Security Strategy and is our continuing commitment to provide America the air and space capabilities required to deter, fight and win. This vision is grounded in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff concept of how we will fight in the early 21st Century - Joint Vision 2010. Moreover, it embodies our belief that in the 21st Century, the strategic instrument of choice will be air and space power.

In the end, our success in implementing this vision will depend on the outstanding men and women who make up the nation's Air Force.
Ronald R. FoglemanSheila E. Widnall
General, USAFSecretary of the Air Force
Chief of Staff

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