In summary, the Department must tie several factors together, as shown in Exhibit 7-1.

Tie it together (78K)

And the Department must start immediately, as shown in Exhibit 7-2. Although all the recommendations are important, the check marks [+] indicate where the Task Force believes immediate action will jump-start the process of getting a handle on this challenge. Again, as pointed out earlier, the DSB has called for action on these matters in each of the past 3 years.

+ 1. Designate an accountable IW focal point

   2. Organize for IW-D

   3. Increase awareness

   4. Assess infrastructure dependencies and vulnerabilities

   5. Define threat conditions and responses

+ 6. Assess IW-D readiness

+ 7. "Raise the bar" (with high-payoff, low-cost items)

+ 8. Establish a minimum essential information infrastructure

   9. Focus the R&D

   10. Staff for success

   11. Resolve the legal issues

   12. Participate fully in critical infrastructure protection

+ 13. Provide the resources

Do it now!

(DSB has been saying this for 3 years.)

Exhibit 7-2. And Start Immediately!


Appendices are provided as background and resource information. They do not represent a consensus view of the Task Force and recommendations contained in the Appendices are not Task Force recommendations to the Department. Some of the appendices were used in part as input to the main body of this report. Other appendices are provided because they contain useful information for further discussion of matters addressed in the main body of the report.

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