January 12, 1997

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Mr. Duane Andrews, Chairman  
Executive Vice President for Corporate Development, Science Applications International Corporation; former Assistant Secretary of Defense, C3I

Mr. Donald C. Latham, Vice Chairman
Vice President, Loral Corporation; former Assistant Secretary of Defense, C3I

Mr. John G. Grimes, Org'n and Mgmt Panel Chairman
Formerly Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures)

Gen. Bernard P. Randolph, USAF (Ret.),Technology Panel Chairman
Vice President & Special Assistant TRW Space & Electronics Group; formerly Commander of the Air Force Systems Command 

Mr. Paul A. Strassmann, Policy Panel Chairman
Strassmann, Inc.; Senior Advisor, Science Applications International Corporation; formerly Assistant Secretary of Defense

Mr. Lawrence T. Wright, Threat Panel Chairman

Mr. Edward C. Aldridge
President and Chief Executive Officer of The Aerospace Corporation

Mr. Bob Nesbit

Mr. Stewart A. Baker
Attorney, Steptoe and Johnson; formerly General Counsel, of the National Security Agency

Dr. Percy A. Pierre  
Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Michigan State University; formerly RAND; formerly Assistant Secretary for Research, Development, and Regulation for the Department of the Army

Dr. Delores M. Etter
Professor, Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder; Board Member IEEE

Mr. John P. Stenbit
Executive vice president and general manager, TRW Systems Integration Group (rear,  fourth from left

Mr. Charles A. Fowler
Defense Science Board, OUSD(A), formerly Chairman

Mr. Lowell E. Thomas

Dr. George H. Heilmeier
President and CEO, Bellcore,Science Applications International Corporation

ADM Harry D. Train II, USN (Ret.)

Mr. John Lane
Computer Sciences Corporation

Dr. Willis H. Ware
The RAND Corporation

Mr. Alan J. McLaughlin
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

CDR Frank Klein, Executive Secretary

Exhibit 1-3. Task Force Members