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Khobar Tower bombing in Saudi Arabia

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Secretary of Defense releases Khobar Tower
personal accountability report

Secretary of defense issues Khobar Towers findings. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen ended months of speculation July 31 when he released his findings on command accountability for last year's terrorist bombing at the Khobar Towers military apartments in Saudi Arabia.

Personal accountability for force protection at Khobar Towers: An executive summary of Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen's report on theKhobar Tower bombing. The full report is available for downloading at the conclusion of the executive summary.

Schwalier requests retirement: Brig. Gen. Terryl J. Schwalier, former commander of the 4404th Wing in Southwest Asia, has submitted his request to retire in light of the release of the Khobar Towers report. "In departing, I have one message for each Air Force leader -- officer and enlisted: In the long run it's not important who on this Earth judges you or how you are judged. It is important to do what's right, to listen to your heart and conscience and to keep the high ground. I have and will walk away with my head high."

Air Force Reports and Statements: The complete Air Force Reports on the Khobar Towers bombing.