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Though it’s perhaps the most important of our communication skills, listening is one of the most neglected. Our lack of attention to listening skills is puzzling; we spend so much of our time listening that its importance cannot be challenged. Yet the obvious explanation is that most of us believe we listen well.

In Listening Effectively, Dr Kline describes the importance of good listening in a variety of settings, from life-and-death situations to the sort of everyday situations in which you and I find ourselves all too often. He then explains how we can become the good listeners we all want to be. But, he points out, learning to listen well requires considerable effort on our part. The good news is that the rewards for enhancing our listening skills are more than worth the effort.

Dr Kline addresses this intriguing topic in straightforward, understandable terms. The result is a very readable and helpful book—concise, yet comprehensive; entertaining, yet informative; lively, yet serious. As a companion volume to his outstanding Speaking Effectively: A Guide to Air Force Speakers, I heartily recommend Listening Effectively.

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Commander, Air Education and
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