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Perspectives on
Operation Allied Force

from Air Force Magazine

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August 2000: True Blue: Behind the Kosovo Numbers Game
By Rebecca Grant

If the question is whether aerospace power is effective against ground forces, the answer is "yes."

August 2000--Letters: Response and Counterresponse

An exchange on "Newsweek and the 14 Tanks".

July 2000: Newsweek and the 14 Tanks
By Stephen P. Aubin

The "Cover-Up" story made news all over. The problem was that it wasn't so.

June 2000: Nine Myths About Kosovo
By Rebecca Grant

One year after Operation Allied Force, some strange notions have taken root.

June 2000: Silver Stars
By Richard J. Newman

Ten airmen were awarded the Silver Star for their heroic efforts in the Kosovo campaign.

March 2000: The State of Precision Engagement
By John A. Tirpak

The stunning accuracy of Air Force attacks in the Balkans pointed up the great strides made in precision guided weaponry.

December 1999: Lessons Drawn and Quartered (Editorial)
By John T. Correll

So, are we now to believe it was ground power that carried the day in Kosovo?

December 1999: Washington Watch: The NATO Way of War
By John A. Tirpak

The air campaign followed a strategy of gradualism because there was no consensus within the alliance for anything more.

November 1999: Survey Shows NATO Close on Serb Damage Estimates
By John A. Tirpak

October 1999: Another Look at the Air War That Was
By James A. Kitfield

An Eaker Institute panel weighs the implications of Operation Allied Force.

October 1999: With Stealth in the Balkans
By John A. Tirpak

The performance of the B-2 exceeded the expectations of even its most ardent fan.

September 1999: Washington Watch: Short's View of the Air Campaign
By John A Tirpak

What counted most for NATO's success in the Balkans was the reduction of strategic targets, not "tank plinking" in Kosovo.

August 1999: Washington Watch: Lessons Learned and Re-Learned
By John A Tirpak

The USAF Chief of Staff reflects on what Operation Allied Force in the Balkans demonstrated and on what it reaffirmed.

August 1999: Echoes From Allied Force

Patterns begin to emerge from the operational data.

July 1999: Editorial: Airpower and Its Critics
By John T. Correll

There is no shortage of commentators seeking to explain away what happened in Kosovo.

July 1999: Washington Watch: Victory in Kosovo
By John A Tirpak

In late May, NATO shifted gears in Operation Allied Force. The air campaign soon saw the results of the stronger commitment.

June 1999: Assumptions Fall In Kosovo (Editorial)
By John T. Correll

The US must look again at the adequacy of its force structure and sustainability.

June 1999: Washington Watch--The First Six Weeks
By John A Tirpak

After a slow start, USAF-led NATO air forces were freed from some political shackles and showed some of what they could do.

Verbatim Special: The Balkan War (March 18-July 1, 1999)