Deployment, Employment, and SustainmentDeployment, Employment, and Sustainment


DoD needs to develop options for earlier and more efficient use of the capabilities resident in its reserve forces.

The C-17 made the concept of direct delivery the strategic air movement of cargo from an aerial port of embarkation to an airfield as close as practicable to the final destination-a reality.

DoD systems for planning and executing transportation of its forces were strained by the rapidly evolving requirements. DoD is responding by improving its ongoing programs to provide automated, rapid-response transportation planning.

When possible, increased use of sealift assets should be considered in future conflicts and contingencies.

One of the most useful communications capabilities was provided by the wide-band dissemination system, an advanced concept technology demonstration used extensively throughout the conflict for rapidly transmitting high-priority imagery of emerging targets..

The allied air offensive was sustained and, in fact, expanded because we maintained pressure on their air defense systems, forcing the Serbians to keep their systems hidden under most circumstances and to use defensive tactics that limited the systems’ effectiveness.

The heavy commitment of NATO’s air defense suppression forces indicates we need to find innovative and affordable ways to exploit our technological skills in electronic combat to bring greater pressure to bear on a future enemy’s air defense system.

Success using these latest generation of air-delivered munitions systems (e.g., Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)) in Kosovo validates production plans to increase inventories.

The conduct of an integrated information operations campaign was delayed by the lack of both advance planning and strategic guidance defining key objectives.