MCDP 1-3


Chapter 1. Understanding Tactics

An Art and A Science
—The Environment
—How We View Combat and How We Fight
—Marine Corps Tactics

Chapter 2. Achieving a Decision

Anzio: A Model of Tactical Indecisivenes
—Cannae: A Clear Tactical Decision Achieved
—Understanding Decisiveness
—Military Judgment
    – Understanding the Situation
    – Acting Decisively

Chapter 3. Gaining Advantage

Combined Arms
—Exploiting the Environment
    – Terrain
    –Periods of Darkness or Reduced Visibility
—Complementary Forces
—Trapping the Enemy
—Developing an Ambush Mentality

Chapter 4. Being Faster

Speed in Combat
—What is Speed?
—Speed and Time
—Relative Speed
—Continuing Speed
—Speed and Change
—Becoming Faster

Chapter 5. Adapting

—Flexible Plans

Chapter 6. Cooperating

Control in Combat

Chapter 7. Exploiting Success and Finishing

Building on Advantage
—Consolidation, Exploitation, and Pursuit
—Finishing the Enemy
—Use of the Reserve in Combat

Chapter 8. Making it Happen

—Training and Educational Methods
    – Professional Reading and Historical Study
    –Tactical Exercises
 Terrain Walks