Chapter 1. The Nature of Intelligence

How Important Is Intelligence ?
—The Objectives of Intelligence
—Intelligence as Knowledge
—Intelligence as a Process
—Why the Mystery?
—What Makes Intelligence Different?
—Expectations of Intelligence
—Intelligence in the Information Age
—A Case Study: Desert Storm 1990–1991
— Conclusion

Chapter 2. Intelligence Theory

What Do We Want to Know About the Enemy ?
—Characteristics of Good Intelligence
—Classes of Intelligence
—Capabilities Versus Intentions
—Signals and Noise
—Levels of Intelligence
—Intelligence Requirements
—Sources of Intelligence
—Functions of Intelligence
—The Intelligence Cycle
—A Case Study: Vietnam 1972

Chapter 3. Creating Effective Intelligence

The Challenge to Intelligence
—Intelligence Is a Command Responsibility
—The Command-Intelligence Connection
—The Intelligence-Operations Connection
—Intelligence as a Team Effort
—Intelligence Is a Product, Not a Provision
—A Balanced Approach
—Focusing the Intelligence Effort
—Generating Tempo Through Intelligence
—Intelligence Education and Training
—A Case Study: Somalia 1992–1993