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Somalia Operations:   Lessons Learned

Humanitarian Relief
Organizations Active in Somalia

CRS                          Catholic Relief Services—Food and clothing distribution
IMC                          International Medical Corps—Hospital support services
AWO                        Abu Dabi Welfare Organization—Funds for food and clothing
DCG                         Diakonic Care Germany— Assistance to children and orphans
CARE                       CARE International—General relief services for displaced people
ADRA                      Adventist Relief and Development Agrncy—Aid in local schools, etc.
AMA                        Africa Muslims Agency—General welfare support services
COSV                      Coordination Committee of Organizations for Voluntary Service—General management and supervision services
AICF                       International Action Against Famine—Emergency food relief service
SOS                        Childrens Emergency Services—Care and feeding for children
MERCY                  Mercy International—First aid and related assistance
MSF                        Doctors Without Frontiers—Triage support for illness and trauma wounds
MCF                       Muwafaq Charity Foundation—Private Islamic group providing food and clothing
PSF                         Pharmacists Without Borders —Provides essential pharmacology
RIHS                       Revival Islamic Heritage Society—Religious support services
SCR                        Swedish Church Relief—General food and clothing aid
NORCROSS         Nordic Red Cross—Provide emergency shelter and food
ICRC                      International Committee of the Red Cross—Observer Status
FRCS                      Federation of the Red Cross Society—general coordination
OXFAM                 Oxford Famine Relief—U.K. food relief organization
CWS                      Church World Services—Provide food and clothing
ACORD                  Agency for Cooperation and Research Devlopment—Coordination of planning for infrastructure and insititution building
AFSC                      American Friends Service Committee—Emergency clothing and feeding
IARA                       Islamic African Relief Agency—Aid to indigent Muslims
IIRO                        International Islamic Relief Organization—Food and clothing services
IDRA                       International Development and Relief Agency—Coordinate relief efforts on part of various international organizations
DAWA                   Munzamai Islamic Society—Muslim relief in form of clothing, etc.
MAUK                   Muslim Aid UK—Islamic support for needy displaced persons
SCF                        Save the Children—U.K. and U.S. food and clothing relief aid
ACSSOM             African Charity Society for Maternity and Childhood—Maternity support program

United Nations Humanitarian Agencies

UNHCR                  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEF                  United Nations Childrens Fund
UNESCO                United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization
UNDP                      United Nations Development Program
UNCTAD                United Nations Conference on Trade and Devlopment
ECOSOC                 Economic and Social Council

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