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Information Warfare and Deterrence


This report documents the sixth in a series of workshops and roundtables organized by the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) Directorate of Advanced Concepts, Technologies, and Information Strategies (ACTIS). These meetings bring together operators, planners, researchers, and analysts to identify and examine those aspects of command and control and information warfare of contemporary interest. The results are used to increase the dialogue and understanding of the subjects and to develop Mission Capabilities Packages (MCP) that support U.S. Armed Forces in joint, combined, and coalition operations.

Earlier workshops identified "information warfare and deterrence" as a subject that has strong command and control implications that need to be examined in light of our nascent understanding of IW. The workshop was convened to examine this subject in some detail.

ACTIS combines the research and education resources of NDU by merging the Center for Advanced Concepts and Technology (ACT) with the School of Information Warfare and Strategy (SIWS) under a single Directorate. This Directorate serves to improve the state of the art and practice of command and control and information warfare by undertaking selected research and analysis initiatives and by serving as a bridge between the operational, technical, analytical, and educational communities. The Center focuses on emerging requirements and mission areas where new concepts are needed. IW is clearly one of those areas.

Individuals interested in participating in this initiative or other ACTIS-sponsored activities are invited to contact either myself; Mr. Larry Wentz (Director of ACT) at 202-685-2263; or Dr. John Alger (Dean of the School of Information Warfare and Strategy) at 202-685-2249.

Dr. David S. Alberts
Director, ACTIS

Table of Contents