Strategic Leadership and Decision Making


Completion of this text was a maximum team effort on the part of the Department of Strategic Decision Making and Executive Information Systems faculty. We wish to express our appreciation to colleagues who worked hard and diligently to bring this book to closure.

Dr. Bart Michelson, Department Chair, provided the vision and drive that made this challenging project truly successful. He made a major contribution in writing the chapter on leveraging power and politics. He also wrote material for the section on teams and the decision making environment.

A special debt of gratitude is due Dr. T. Owen Jacobs for his outstanding work in shaping the conceptual context for both the 1996 draft and the present version of this book. Owen made major and significant contributions in those parts related to the environment of strategic leadership and decision making and the strategic leader as an individual

The strategic thinking, excellent research, writing and editing done by Col.(Ret) Mike McGee was invaluable in putting this book together and integrating its various pieces. Mike also made significant contributions to chapters pertaining to the strategic environment, strategic leadership, teams and organizational decision making, vision and the managment of change, and organizational analysis and application.

Dr. John Bokel took on the arduous task of re-building the section on teams and decision making in the strategic environment. John made a major and important contribution in organizing and editing the material on consensus team decision making and tactics and techniques. He also wrote new chapters on reframing strategic decisions and organizational processes and leadership requirements.

Recognition and appreciation is extended to Dr. Bill Knowlton who provided adept leadership and organizational skill in assembling the sections on organizations in the strategic environment and organizational analysis and application. Bill also developed and wrote chapters related to values and ethics, organizational culture, strategic vision, and developing strategic leaders.

Lt.Col Lynn Scott brought a new and creative perspective to the writing team. He made a major contribution in writing the chapters on systems thinking, developing high performance teams and reframing the material on organizational culture.

Col. Roger Channing, our resident subject matter expert on information technology, made a major contribution in developing the chapter on the revolution in security affairs and the age of information. He also did outstanding work in thinking and re-working the chapter on strategic thinking.

Additional department faculty who deserve recognition for their input and support of chapter material are: Col. Harold Tucker who assisted in the development of the chapter on the revolution in security affairs, Captain Susan Maybaum-wisniewski, who provided excellent insights on high performance teams and consensus decision making and Ms. Patsy Gates, who editied and developed new material for the chapter on strategic negotiations.

We also gratefully acknowledge the support of our Commandant, Major General John S. Cowings, Dr. Gerry Galloway, Dean of Faculty and Academic Programs and Colonel Bill Mayall, Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Programs. Without their unwavering support, the strategic leadership and decision making course and this book would not be on the cutting edge.

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