Strategic Leadership and Decision Making


The Strategic Leadership and Decision Making text directly supports the Commandant's vision, ICAF mission and our department mission and core course. The department's mission is to assist ICAF students in developing the knowledge and skills they will need to be effective as strategic thinkers and decision makers in the national security affairs arena.

Your matriculation to the Industrial College represents a significant transition. You are in the process of moving from tactical and operational work environments to a future environment which is increasingly more strategic in nature. This text is designed to present a set of concepts and frames of reference that will assist you in understanding the strategic context within which individuals, teams and organizations operate while shaping national security policy and operations.

In developing the various chapters in this book, we have attempted to capture the foundations of strategic leadership and decision making. This book does not contain checklists and "school solutions;" rather, it is a more powerful way of thinking about leadership and decision making and understanding the environmental context and challenges facing strategic decision makers

Our expectations are that this text has the potential to influence a number of important learning outcomes:

Your knowledge base in strategic leadership and decision making will be significantly enhanced.

The text will help you develop a strategic frame of reference for continued development well beyond your ICAF experience.

The text material is directly related to executive assessment and development experience here at ICAF.

The text provides you with concepts and examples for managing the strategic decision making process.

The book should help you think about beginning to build skills in accomplishing strategic performance requirements such as critical and creative thinking, visioning, negotiation, and building organizational culture.

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