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Searching the Internet

Tutorials and Training


Research and the Internet
One of the best sets of tutorials about all aspects of the web from setting up an internet account to chat to making your own home page.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Finding Information on the Internet
A MUST! One of the best sets of tutorials on searching available. They are oriented towards librarians but you will find some very useful nuggets here! Most of the handouts for this class are from this site.

Search Guide
An excellent guide to searching strategies and techniques.  Includes detailed description of the major search engines and their features.

Search Engine Watch - Tutorials

Univ at Albany Libraries

Exploring the World Wide Web

Internet Search Tool Details
Covers 9 of the major search tools; provides useful details about the tool.

Searching The Internet
Each of the services included in the "Searching the Internet" has distinct features and capabilities. In most cases instructions for using these resources are included somewhere at the site; we have linked to instructions when available. For a summary of the functions available for each search engine, see the Internet Scout Sidekicks.

College Library Instruction Guides
UCLA's guide to using its computerized databases and systems, writing research papers, and more.