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Classroom Searches
Search EnginesInformation SoughtSearch Statement
GoogleDoD Homeland Securityhomeland security site:mil
AltaVistaJapan's territorial disputes+Japan +territor* +disput*
Northern Light Biography of Genghis KhanGenghis Khan AND biography
Excite Power Search
Government procurement practices+government +procurement
Japan's military forcesJapan AND military
Lycos Pro
Arms sales in the Middle East"arms sales" AND "Middle East"
Dogpile Arms sales in the Middle East"arms sales" AND "Middle East"
Water rights in the Tigris and Euphrates river valleys - IraqTigris Euphrates Water
HotBot Information on the War Powers Act"War Powers Act"
Information on the War Powers ActWar Powers Act [phrase]
Material about NATO ExpansionNATO enlargement
Australia's role in the Gulf WarAustralia AND "Gulf War"
Japan's military forcesdefense AND Japan
MetaCrawler Pwr Search
Canadian military spendingCanada military spending
Russia China border conflict+border +Russia +China
Russia China border conflict+border +Russia +China
HotBotStatistics on the shipbuilding industryshipbuilding statistics
AltaVistaEthical and moral issues of landmines+landmin* +ethic* +mora*
ExciteAirline safety records+airline +safety
Lycos Peacekeeping in Peru and Ecuador+peacekeeping Peru Ecuador
Northern LightCodes used in World War II"code words" AND "World War II"