Exercise: A Guide from the National Institute On Aging

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Knee Flexion

Illustration of the exercise Do knee flexion as part of your regularly scheduled strength exercises, and add these modifications as you progress: Hold table with one hand, then one fingertip, then no hands; then do exercise with eyes closed, if steady.

  1. Stand straight; hold onto a table or chair for balance.
  2. Slowly bend knee as far as possible, so foot lifts up behind you.
  3. Hold position for 1 second.
  4. Slowly lower foot all the way back down. Pause.
  5. Repeat with other leg.
  6. Alternate legs until you have done 8 to 15 repetitions with each leg.
  7. Rest; then do another set of 8 to 15 alternating repetitions.
  8. Add modifications as you progress.