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**NOTE the original gopher catalog had less than and greater than symbols**
**in the yield figures. In this HTML version these are changed to l and g**
Compiled by James E. Lawson Jr. (Jim), who is solely responsible for the 


Prior to 1998 JUN10, this catalog was only avilable in text form on a
gopher server. The text was converted to HTML by a program named
txt2html.pl written by Seth Golub. In general the conversion was good, but
there are some inconsistencies in what was and was not converted to bold

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The following (alphabetical order) assisted: Shirley Jackson, Christi  King
(who did most of the typing), Ruth King, Todd McCormick.

JL was supported by the State of Oklahoma and ARPA. CK was supported by a 
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In the headings:
LINE 1-EXISTS FOR ONLY SOME TESTS----------------------------------------------

DATE=date (UTC time) yymmdd, yy=year-1900, mm=month, dd=day of month

COLUMNS 8-15: Time of blast in GMT until 1971 DEC31, in UTC starting 1972 JAN
01. GMT was Greenwich Mean Time (which is not correct to use after 1971 JAN01).
UTC is Universal Time Coordinated. The times are listed as hhmmss.d, where
hh=hour(0 through 23), mm=minute, ss=second, d=decisecond. Although it can't
be shown in this format, many US shot times have been released to the nearest
0.001 second.

COLUMN  16    Always # on Line 1 if Line 1 exists for the test

COLUMNS 17-44 Full name of test.

COLUMNS 46-53 Depth of burial in meters below ground surface (below water level
              for underwater tests). If figure is negative, it represents
              elevation above land surface (ending in L) or above sea level
              ending in S).

COLUMNS 55-80 Free format comments. 

LINE 2-EXISTS FOR ALL TESTS----------------------------------------------------

DATE=date (UTC time) yymmdd, yy=year-1900, mm=month, dd=day of month
COLUMNS 8-15: Time of blast in GMT until 1971 DEC31, in UTC starting 1972 JAN
01. GMT was Greenwich Mean Time (which is not correct to use after 1971 JAN01).
UTC is Universal Time Coordinated. The times are listed as hhmmss.d, where
hh=hour(0 through 23), mm=minute, ss=second, d=decisecond. Although it can't
be shown in this format, many US shot times have been released to the nearest
0.001 second.

COLUMNS 17-18:
TP=Testing Party: US=United States, GB=UK, CP=USSR, FR=France, IN=India
                  PC=People's Republic of China
                  IS=Israel, but the 790922 event is only putative

COLUMNS 19-21: Test or explosion site. Note that the UK Christmas Island site
has been used for some US atmospheric tests. In exchange, the US has allowed
the UK to conduct underground tests at the Nevada Test Site.
  ANM= Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA (US atmospheric test)
  HRJ= Hiroshima, Japan (US/warfare)
  NGJ= Nagasaki, Japan (US/warfare)
  BKN= Bikini (US atmospheric tests)
  ENW= Enwetak (US atmospheric tests)
  CNV= Centra Nevada (US underground test)
  NTS= Nevada Test Site, Nevada, USA (US atmospheric and underground and
                                      UK underground tests)
  FMT= Farmington, Colorado (US underground natural gas stimulation test)
  MBI= Monte Bello Islands, Australia (UK atmospheric test)
  EMU= Emu Field, 480 kilometers SW of Woomera, Australia (UK atmospheric tests)
  PAC= Various Pacific Ocean sites
  MAR= Maralinga, Australia (UK atmospheric tests)
  CHR= Christmas Island (UK and US atmospheric tests)
  NZ = Novaya Zemlya, USSR (USSR atmospheric and underground tests)
  KTS= Eastern Kazakh or Semipalitinsk test site, USSR (USSR atmospheric and
                                                        underground tests)
  REG= Reggane Proving Grounds, Algeria (French Atmospheric Tests)
  ECK= Ecker, Algeria (French Underground tests)
  CLS= Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA (US underground test)
  JON= Johnston Island (US atmospheric tests)
  FAL= Fallon, Nevada, USA (US underground test)
  LNR= Lop Nor, PRC (PRC atmospheric and underground tests)
  AMC= Amchitka Island, Aleutians, Alaska, USA (US underground tests)
  MUR= Muruora Is. (French atmospheric and underground tests)
  FAN= Fangataufa Is. (French atmospheric and underground tests)
  HTB= Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA (US underground tests)
  GRV= Grand Valley, Colorado, USA (US natural gas stimulation)
  RAJ= Pokhran, Rajasthan Desert, India (Indian underground test)
  IS?IN= Indian Ocean (putative Israeli Test)
  RFL= Rifle, Colorado, USA (3x33kt simultaneous gas stimulation shots)
  SAT= South Atlantic Ocean (three US tests, rocket to 482 kilometers altitude)
  MAL= Malden Island (UK atmospheric tests)
  KPY= Kapustin Yar (USSR)
  SYS= Sary Shagan (USSR)
  YAK= Various sites in Yakutia (USSR)
  CHA= Chagai Hills, Dist. of Quetta, Baluchistan, Pakistan (PK underground)

  USSR sites other than NZ and KTS. A large number of blasts, some or many
       of which were for engineering purposes (possibly similar to US
       Plowshare tests) were fired underground at many locations. Latitude
       and Longitude for most of these are given in the tables. These tests,
       US plowshare tests, and the one Indian test, were announced by the
       testing parties to be PNEs (Peaceful Nuclear Explosions). 

COLUMN 22: Test subsite
           NTS: P= Pahute Mesa
                Y= Yucca Mountain
                F= Frenchman Flat
                B= Buckboard Mesa
           KTS: B= Balapan or Shagan River
                D= Degelen Mountain
                M= Murzhik
           NZ:  N= (NTS) Northern Island
                S= Southern Island

COLUMNS 24-27:
TYPE: AIRD=airdrop
      ART =artillery shell
      ATMO=in or above the atmosphere
      RC  ="roman candle"=open vertical shaft
      SHFT=stemmed vertical shaft
      SS1 =simultaneous shot in shaft 1
      SS2 =simultaneous shot in shaft 2
      SSn =simultaneous shot in shaft n
           (If several simultaneous tests were in the same shaft [usually at
            different depths] they will all be listed SS1. If three were shot 
            simultaneously in three separate shafts they will be SS1, SS2, 
            and SS3).
      SURF=surface (unknown but probably not airdropped, near surface, includes
                    tower and barge)
COLUMNS 29-31: Seismic body (P) wave magnitude, mb. Sources in this order of
               preference. ISC mb, if ISC mb not available NEIS mb, if no
               mb available an ML from PAS or BRK may be used. If the test
               has known multiple explosions, mb refers to the entire test.

COLUMNS 33-35: Seismic surface wave magnitude, Ms. If the test has known
               multiple explosions, Ms refers to the entire test.

COLUMNS 37-41: Explosive Yield in Kilotons. NOTE decimal points are not all
               lined up vertically. This could be a problem in any machine
               processing as could l, g, LOW, HIGH, -, SLIGHT, FIZZ.
               Unless there is a single number
               without a l, g, or - , assume the yield is unknown and very 
               FIZZ=fizzle or failure with extremely low yield. F followed by
               a number, eg F300, is a test which had a smaller yield than
               expected. Apparently some fizzles were two-stage devices in    
               which the fusion stage produced little or no yield.

COLUMNS 43-49: Latitude in degrees and decimals of a degree. Although it can't
               be shown in this format, many US shots have coordinates
               released to 0.1 or 0.01 seconds (0.00003 or 0.000003 degrees).

COLUMNS 51-58: Longitude in degrees and decimals of a degree. See comments
               about US shots under latitude.

COLUMNS 60-61:
PU=Purpose: WR=weapons related, **=war, WE=weapons effects, SF=safety
            PS=Plowshare (US PNE engineering shots)
            VU=US Vela Uniform-directed toward seismic detection of
               underground shots
COLUMNS 62-63:
DT=Device Type: U=fission only with primarialy U235, or boosted or two
                  stage with primarialy U235 primary (trigger, pit)
                P=fission only with primarialy Pu239, or boosted or two
                  stage with primarialy Pu239 primary (trigger, pit)
                I=fission only, fission material mix unknown
                B="boosted", some fusion yield, perhaps from tritium
                   although the boost is probably mainly to increase
                   the fission yield.
                2=two stage, fusion second stage, possibly many or most of
                  these will have a U238 fission "third" stage.

Zero yield omitted: USDOE "Announced Nuclear Tests" with zero yield are not
 included in this nuclear EXPLOSION catalog. Some of these are described
 as being safety or storage-transportation tests.
COLUMNS 64-67: For underground tests: Rock type at device emplacement point.
               GR= granite
               QP= quartz porphyrite
               SA= sandstone
               AL= aleurolite (siltstone)
               PO= porphryte
               QS= quartz syneite
               GS= gritstone
               AR= argillite (mudstone)
               CO= conglomerate
               TS= tuffaceous sandstone
               SL= salt

COLUMN 68: += device emplaced above water table
           -= device emplaced below water table

COLUMN 69-76:
NAME=Name of explosion. All US announced, and a few French, and all UK
     underground tests have a name. In early US atmospheric testing some
     names were reused. When the names are too long for the table, any space
     is first dropped, and second, the name is truncated, not abbreviated.
     A few words appear often enough as the component of a name that they
     are abberviated by a lower case letter as follows:
     A * in the first column of the name indicates a putative nuclear test
     (ie. not announced or acknowledged by the PRESUMED testing party).
     A second * in the name column indicates some doubt about wheither the
     event was a nuclear explosion. A number of US tests listed only by
     N (NRDC), which have ** in the name column, may be cavity collapses from
     previous tests, or earthquakes, but they may include some unannounced
     nuclear explosions.

COLUMNS 77-80: Generalized References
        E= United States Department of Energy
        N= Natural Resources Defense Council
        B= Bolt "The Parted Veil: Nuclear Explosions and Earthquakes"
        A= Bocharv, V. S., S. A. Zelentsov, and V. N. Mikhailov.
           Characteristics of 96 underground nuclear explosions at the
           Semipalatinsk test site, Atomnaya Energiya, 67, (3), 1989.
        D= Dominion of New Zeland, Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research
        I= International Seismological Centre
        C= United States Advanced Research Projects Agency/ Nuclear Monitoring
           Research Office/ Center for Seismic Studies
        L= U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Service
        S= Seismic Service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense
        U= United Kingdom Atomic Weapons Research Establishment
        F= Ronald Walters and Kenneth S. Zinn, The September 22, 1979 Mystery
           Flash: Did South Africa Detonate a Nuclear Bomb? Report of the 
           Washington Office on Africa Educational Fund, May 21,1985.
        n= ARPA/NMRO/NORwegianSeismicARray (NORSAR)
        G= GSETT3-Group of Scientific Experts Technical Test 3
           REB-Reviewed Event Bulletin from IDC-International Data Center
        Z= Australian Geological Survey Orginization Database of Nuclear
           Explosions http://www.agso.gov.au/information/structure/isd/
        i= Indian Government press releases

DATE   TIME     TP    TYPE   MAG    YIELD  LAT     LON     PU  ROCKw
yymmdd hhmmss.    SITE      mb  Ms   kt.   deg     deg       DT    tNAME    SRC

450716          USANM TOWR             21 33.675N 106.475W WRP      TRINITY EN
450805          USHRJ AIRD             15                  **U      LITTLEBOEN
450809          USNGJ AIRD             21                  **P      FAT MAN EN
460630          USBKN AIRD             21 11.000N 165.000E WEP      ABLE    EN
460724          USBKN UNDW             21                  WEP      BAKER   EN
480414          USENW TOWR             37 11.000N 162.000E WR       XRAY    E
480430          USENW TOWR             49 11.000N 162.000E WR       YOKE    E
480514          USENW TOWR             18 11.000N 162.000E WRU      ZEBRA   EN
490829          CP    TOWR          10-20 48.000N 076.000E   P      JOE 1   N
510127          USNTSFAIRD              1 37.000N 116.000w WR       ABLE    EN
510128          USNTSFAIRD              8 37.000N 116.000W WR       BAKER   EN
510201          USNTSFAIRD              1 37.000N 116.000W WR       EASY    EN
510202          USNTSFAIRD              8 37.000N 116.000W WR       BAKER-2 EN
510206          USNTSFAIRD             22 37.000N 116.000W WR       FOX     EN
510407          USENW TOWR             70                  WR       DOG     EN
510420          USENW TOWR             47                  WR       EASY    EN
510508          USENW TOWR            225                  WR B     GEORGE  EN
510524          USENW TOWR           45.5                  WR B     ITEM    EN
510924          CP    SURF             25                           JOE 2   N
511018          CP    ATMO             50 48.000N 076.000E          JOE 3   N
511022          USNTS TOWR           l0.1                  WR       ABLE    E
511028          USNTS AIRD            3.5                  WR       BAKER   E
511030          USNTS AIRD             14                  WR       CHARLIE E
511101          USNTS AIRD             21                  WR       DOG     E
511105          USNTS AIRD             31                  WR       EASY    E
511119          USNTS SURF            1.2                  WE       SUGAR   E
511129          USNTS CRAT            1.2                  WE       UNCLE   E
520401          USNTS AIRD              1                  WE       ABLE    E
520415          USNTS AIRD              1                  WE       BAKER   E
520422          USNTS AIRD             31                  WR       CHARLIE E
520501          USNTS AIRD             19                  WR       DOG     E
520507          USNTS TOWR             12                  WR       EASY    E
520525          USNTS TOWR             11                  WR       FOX     E
520601          USNTS TOWR             15                  WR       GEORGE  E
520605          USNTS TOWR             14                  WR       HOW     E
521003          GBMBI SHIP                                          HURRICANB
521031          USENW SURF          10400                  WR 2     MIKE    EN
521115          USENW AIRD            500                  WR       KING    E
530317          USNTS TOWR             16                  WR       ANNIE   E
530324          USNTS TOWR             24                  WR       NANCY   E
530331          USNTS TOWR            0.2                  WR       RUTH    E
530406          USNTS AIRD             11                  WR       DIXIE   E
530411          USNTS TOWR            0.2                  WR       RAY     E
530418          USNTS TOWR             23                  WR       BADGER  E
530425          USNTS TOWR             43                  WR       SIMON   E
530508          USNTS AIRD             27                  WE       ENCORE  E
530519          USNTS TOWR             32                  WR       HARRY   E
530525          USNTS ART              15                  WR       GRABLE  E
530604          USNTS AIRD             61                  WR       CLIMAX  E
530812          CP    TOWR        200-300                           JOE 4   N
530823          CP    ATMO                                          JOE 5-7 N
531014 223000.0 GBEMU TOWR                28S     135E              TOTEM   B
531026 223000.0 GBEMU TOWR                                                  B
540228          USBKN SURF          15000                  WR 2     BRAVO   EN
540326          USBKN BARG          11000                  WR 2     ROMEO   EN
540406          USBKN SURF            110                  WR       KOON    E
540425          USBKN BARG           6900                  WR 2     UNION   EN
540504          USBKN BARG          13500                  WR 2     YANKEE  EN
540513          USENW BARG           1690                  WR 2     NECTAR  EN
540914 053600.0 CP                        55.000N 64.000E                   N
550218          USNTS AIRD              1                  WE       WASP    E
550222          USNTS TOWR              2                  WR       MOTH    E
550301          USNTS TOWR              7                  WR       TESLA   E
550307          USNTS TOWR             43                  WR       TURK    E
550312          USNTS TOWR              4                  WR       HORNET  E
550322          USNTS TOWR              8                  WR       BEE     E
550323          USNTS CRAT              1                  WE       ESS     E
550329          USNTS TOWR             14                  WR       APPLE-1 E
550329          USNTS AIRD              3                  WR       WASP p  E
550406          USNTS AIRD              3                  WE       HA      E
550409          USNTS TOWR              2                  WR       POST    E
550415          USNTS TOWR             22                  WE       MET     E
550505          USNTS TOWR             29                  WR       APPLE-2 E
550515          USNTS TOWR             28                  WR       ZUCCHINIE
550514          USPAC UNDW             30                  WE       WIGWAM  EN
550729          CP                      5                                   N
550802          CP                     25                    P              N
550921          CP                     20                    P              N
551106          CPKTS AIRB            215                    U              N
551122          CPKTS AIRD           1600                                   N
560118          USNTS SURF         SLIGHT                  SF       PROJ 56 E
560320          CP                                                          N
560330          CP                                                          N
560504          USENW SURF             40                  WR       LACROSSEE
560502          USBKN AIRD           3400                  WR       CHEROKE EN
560516          GBMBI TOWR                                          MOSAIC  B
560527          USBKN SURF           3500                  WR 2     ZUNI    EN
560527          USENW TOWR           0.19                  WR       YUMA    EN
560530          USENW TOWR           16.8                  WR       ERIE    E
560606          USENW SURF           13.7                  WR       SEMINOLEE
560611          USBKN BARG            365                  WR       FLATHEADEN
560611          USENW TOWR            8.5                  WR       BLACKFOOE
560613          USENW TOWR            1.4                  WR       KICKAPOOE
560616          USENW AIRD            1.9                  WR       OSAGE   E
560619          GBMBI TOWR                                                  B
560621          USENW TOWR             16                  WR       INCA    E
560625          USBKN BARG           1000                  WR       DAKOTA  EN
560702          USENW TOWR            350                  WR       MOHAWK  EN
560708          USENW BARG           1900                  WR       APACHE  EN
560710          USBKN BARG           4500                  WR 2     NAVAJO  EN
560720          USBKN BARG           5000                  WR 2     TEWA    EN
560721          USENW BARG            270                  WR       HURON   EN
560824          CP    ATMO          l1000                                   N
560830          CP    ATMO            g20                                   N
560902          CP    ATMO                                                  N
560910          CP    ATMO                                                  N
560927          GBMAR TOWR           g100                           BUFFALO B
561004          GBMAR SURF            LOW                                   B
561011          GBMAR AIRD            LOW                                   B
561022          GBMAR TOWR           g100                                   B
561117          CP    ATMO                                                  N
570119          CP    ATMO                                                  N
570308          CP    ATMO                                                  N
570403          CP    ATMO                                                  N
570406          CP    ATMO                                                  N
570410          CP    ATMO                                                  N
570412          CP    ATMO                                                  N
570416          CP    ATMO                                                  N
570515 193700.0 GBCHR AIRD           F300                     2     GRAPPLE B
570528          USNTS TOWR             12                  WR       BOLTZMANE
570531 194100.0 GBCHR AIRD            720                     I             B
570602          USNTS TOWR           .140                  WR       FRANKLINE
570605          USNTS BALN          .0005                  WR       LASSEN  E
570618          USNTS BALN             10                  WR       WILSON  E
570619 194000.0 GBCHR AIRD           F200                     2             B
570624          USNTS BALN             37                  WR       PRISCILLE
570705          USNTS BALN             74                  WR       HOOD    E
570715          USNTS TOWR             17                  WR       DIABLO  E
570719          USNTS ROCH              2                  WE       JOHN    E
570724          USNTS TOWR             10                  WR       KEPLER  E
570725          USNTS BALN            9.7                  WR       OWENS   E
570807          USNTS RC           SLIGHT                  SF       PASCAL-AE
570807          USNTS BALN             19                  WR       STOKES  E
570810          USNTS TUNN              0                  SF       SATURN  E
570818          USNTS TOWR             17                  WR       SHASTA  E
570822          CP                   HIGH                                   N
570823          USNTS BALN             11                  WR       DOPPLER E
570827          USNTS RC                                   SF       PASCAL-BE
570830          USNTS BALN            4.7                  WR       FRANKLINE
570831          USNTS TOWR             44                  WR       SMOKY   E
570902          USNTS TOWR             11                  WR       GALILEO E
570906          USNTS BALN           .197                  WR       WHEELER E
570906          USNTS SURF            0.3                  SF       COLOUMBBE
570908          USNTS BALN              1                  WR       LAPLACE E
570914          USNTS TOWR             11                  WR       FIZEAU  E
570914 053000.0 GBMAR TOWR            l20                           ANTLER  B
570916          USNTS BALN             12                  WR       NEWTON  E
570919          USNTS TUNN            1.7                  WR       RAINIER E
570923          USNTS TOWR             19                  WR       WHITNEY E
570924          CPNZ                g1000 73.000N 055.000E                  N
570925 003000.0 GBMAR TOWR           g100                                   B
570926          CPKTS UNDW           7-70                                   N
570928          USNTS BALN             12                  WR       CHARLESTE
571006 085800.0 CPNZ  ATMO           HIGH 73.000N 055.000E                  N
571007          USNTS BALN              8                  WR       MORGAN  E
571009 073000.0 GBMAR BALN           g100                                   B
571010 065500.0 CPNZ  ATMO            LOW                                   N
571108 174700.0 GBCHR AIRD           1800                     2     GRAPPLE B
571206          USNTS RC           SLIGHT                  SF       PASCAL-CE
571209          USNTS SURF            0.5                  SF       COULOMBCE
571228          CP    ATMO                                                  N
580222          USNTS TUNN             l1                  SF       VENUS   E
580223          CPNZ  ATMO          g1000 73.000N 055.000E                  N
580227 075900.0 CPNZ  ATMO          g1000 73.000N 055.000E                  N
580227 102400.0 CPNZ  ATMO           HIGH 73.000N 055.000E                  N
580314          USNTS TUNN             l1                  SF       URANUS  E
580314          CPNZ  ATMO          l1000 73.000N 055.000E                  N
580314          CP    ATMO          l1000                                   N
580315          CP    ATMO          l1000                                   N
580320          CPNZ  ATMO            LOW 73.000N 055.000E                  N
580321          CP    ATMO            LOW                                   N
580322          CPNZ  ATMO            g20 73.000N 055.000E                  N
580428          USPAC BALN            1.7                  WE       YUCCA   E
580428 190500.0 GBCHR AIRD          g1000                           GRAPPLE B
580505          USENW SURF             18                  WR       CACTUS  E
580511          USBKN BARG           1300                  WR       FIR     E
580511          USENW BARG             90                  WR       BUTTERNUE
580512          USENW SURF           1370                  WR 2     KOA     EN
580516          USENW UNDW              9                  WE       WAHOO   E
580520          USENW BARG              6                  WR       HOLLY   E
580521          USBKN BARG             24                  WR       NUTMEG  E
580526          USENW BARG            350                  WR       YELLOWWOE
580526          USENW BARG             61                  WR       MAGNOLIAE
580530          USENW BARG             15                  WR       TOBACCO E
580531          USBKN BARG            130                  WR       SYCAMOREE
580602          USENW BARG             18                  WR       ROSE    E
580608          USENW UNDW              9                  WE       UMBRELLAE
580610          USBKN BARG            195                  WR       MAPLE   E
580614          USBKN BARG            320                  WR       ASPEN   E
580614          USENW BARG            1.5                  WR       WALNUT  E
580618          USENW BARG             10                  WR       LINDEN  E
580627          USBKN BARG            415                  WR       REDWOOD E
580627          USENW BARG            875                  WR       ELDER   E
580628          USENW BARG           8900                  WR 2     OAK     EN
580629          USBKN BARG             13                  WR       HICKORY E
580701          USENW BARG              5                  WR       SEQUOIA E
580702          USBKN BARG            220                  WR       CEDAR   E
580705          USENW BARG            390                  WR       DOGWOOD E

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