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[LETTER BUTTON]"Use Lots of Informative Headings In Your Letters"

[checkmark]Headings help readers find their way through a document and locate information they care about.

A document with lots of informative headings is easy to follow. Using more headings helps you break up the document into logical, understandable pieces. Informative headings are more specific and thus more helpful to the reader than are short headings that cover several pieces of information. Questions make excellent headings.

Purpose and policy.
What does this subpart do?
Information and records available to the public and exempt from disclosure. How can I get records from SBA?

How long will it take for SBA to respond to my request for records?

Public access to information and records. If SBA grants my request, which records will be supplied?
Business information. How will SBA respond to business requests for information?

It's often useful to start writing your document by developing the headings, structuring them to your readers' concerns. This approach can also reveal major groupings of information that you might want to identify with centered headings.

Qualifications of permittees and lessees

Who may hold leases and permits?

Can foreign citizens hold permits or leases?

How do I file evidence of my qualifications?

Can I amend my qualifications statement?

Bonding requirements

Must I file a bond with my permit or lease?

Where do I file my bond?

What types of bonds are acceptable?

How does BLM establish bond amounts?

When does BLM terminate my liability under a bond?

On the other hand, headings should not be so long that they overwhelm the material in the section itself. Avoid headings with one word answers.

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Do I have to file a newspaper notice of my activities before I begin operations?

Are there any public notice requirements?

You must publish a notice of your operations in a local newspaper before you begin.

[checkmark] Develop your headings carefully. They are one of the most useful tools you can use to develop an appealing, understandable document.