Guidance on Writing Letters
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Guidance On Writing Your Letters

We originally designed this document to give you guidance on how to write plain language regulations. We have now updated it by adding a letters button. You can get to the letters guidance by clicking on the letters button.

We have placed the letters button in different spots on the page, depending on the subject.

For Example--

If this is what you see ... it meansSo, you should do the
following ...
If the letters button is at the beginning of the page ... everything on the page is about regulations. You will have to click on the letters button to read about letters.
If the letters button is in the middle or end of the page ... everything up to that point applies to regulations and letters. Once you read to the letters button, click on it for more letter-specific information.
If you don't see a letter button on the page ... it means that the instructions for letters are no different than the instructions for regulations. Read through the entire page for letters guidance.