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[letter]Question Headings Are Especially Helpful
In Your Letters

Headings in a letter help guide your readers to the points that are relevant to them. There are three types of headings--

Question HeadingA heading in the form of a questionWhy Do We Use Headings?
Statement HeadingA heading that uses a noun and a verbHeadings Help Guide a Reader
Topic HeadingA heading that is a word or short phraseHelpful Headings

Readers read through letters by asking questions. That's why--

  • Question Headings are the most useful. They ask the questions that readers are asking and guide them to the answers.

  • Statement Headings are the next best choice because they are still very specific.

  • Topic Headings are the most formal so many times management is more comfortable with them. But sometimes they are so vague that they are just not that helpful. For instance, the heading Helpful Headings could be a list of headings or an explanation of why they are helpful.

It is best to stay with just one type of heading. But if that is not possible because the heading is too long and cumbersome, be sure to use no more than two types of headings in one letter.