Inclosure 5
Helicopter Crews During the Ranger Contact

AH-1G Cobra (Centaur 47)

    Strand, Kenneth L.

WO1 Aircraft Commander

    Johnson, Roger

WO1 Pilot

OH-6A Light Observation Helicopter (Centaur 13)

    Lohwasser, Dan A., II

WO1 Pilot

    Dohry, Steven L.

SP5 Crew Chief

    Bagley, Michael R.

SP4 Doorgunner

Lead UH-1H (Centaur 23)

    Tonelli, James D.R.

WO1 Aircraft Commander

    Toccol, Philip A.

CPT Pilot

    Lowe, Charles E.

SP5 Crew Chief

    Adams, Richard K.

PFC Doorgunner

Trail UH-1H (Centaur 24)

    Kempson, Marcus A.

WO1 Aircraft Commander

    Williams, Adrian K.

WO1 Pilot

    Nemeyer, Jack M.

SP4 Crew Chief

    Highbanks, Floyd L.

SGT Doorgunner


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