Inclosure 8
US Casualties

Killed in Action


Rank Unit Date

    Ball, Dwight

PFC Co A/2-27 Inf 3 Apr

    Floyd, Alvin W.

SFC Co F (Rgr), 75th Inf 2 Apr

    Griffith, Mickey

SP4 Co C/2-27 Inf "

    Kalili, Melvyn

SSG " "

    Kitchen, Orvil

2LT Btry B/2-77 Arty "

    Kolb, Ronald V.

2LT Co C/2-27 Inf "

    Lyons, John J.

SP4 Co B/2-27 Inf "

    Rarrick, John J.

SP4 Co C/2-27 Inf "

    Rios, Severiano

PFC " "

    Smith, William T.

SGT Co B/2-27 Inf "

    Thomas, Michael F.

SGT Co F (Rgr), 75th Inf "

Wounded and Hospitalized

    Avery, Charles P.

SGT Co F (Rgr),75th Inf 2 Apr

    Bateman, Jerry D.

CPT Co C/2-27 Inf "

    Clark, Ronnie J.

1LT " "

    Dapra, John R.

SP4 " "

    Fleming, Bobby L.

PFC " "

    Georgia, Gerald F.

SSG Co A/2-22 Inf (M) 4 Apr

    Heine, Gary

SP4 Co B/2-27 Inf 2 Apr

    Klossner, Daniel

PFC HHC/2-27 Inf "

    Krulyak, George Jr.

SP4 Co A/2-22 Inf (M) 4 Apr

    Luiz, Joseph T.

PFC Co C/2-27 Inf 2 Apr

    Mutschler, Blake

PFC " "

    Nocolaysan, John T.

SP4 Co A/2-27 Inf 3 Apr

    Reinwald, George W.

SP4 Co C/2-27 Inf 2 Apr

    Schaffers, Michael B.

PFC " "

    Shewshuk, Steven M.

2LT Co A/2-27 Inf "

    Stevenson, Mark G.

SGT Co C/2-27 Inf "

    *Tinney, Donald W.

SP4 Co F (Rgr)75th Inf "

* Died of Wounds

NOTE: Original document included Social Security Account Numbers (SSAN) which have been deleted to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act.