1 March 91-Present: Operation PROVIDE COMFORT, humanitarian assistance to Iraqi Kurds.

2 May-June 91: Operation SEA ANGEL, humanitarian relief in Bangladesh.

3 June 91: Operation FIERY VIGIL, Philippines volcanic eruption.

4 September-October 91: Operation QUICK LIFT, airlift support to transport French and Belgian troops and equipment in support of noncombatant evacuation operation, Zaire.

5 October 91-July 93: Operation GTMO, humanitarian assistance to Haitian migrants at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

6 February 92: Operation PROVIDE HOPE, to airlift excess DoD medical supplies and food stuffs to the Commonwealth of Independent States.

7 May 92: Noncombatant evacuation operation, Sierra Leone.

8 July 92-Present: Operation PROVIDE PROMISE, to airlift excess DoD food and medical supplies to Sarajevo, Bosnia.

9 August 92: Operation PROVIDE TRANSITION, airlift support to demobilized Angolian soldiers for repatriation and preparation for Angolian elections.

10 August 92-December 92: Operation PROVIDE RELIEF, to airlift food supplies to Somalia and Somali refugees in Kenya.

11 December 92-May 93: RESTORE HOPE, to establish security to facilitate humanitarian relief in Somalia.

12 May 93-March 94: Operation CONTINUE HOPE, conducted under UN auspices to continue humanitarian relief in Somalia.

13 August 92-Present: Operation SOUTHERN WATCH, in which coalition forces established a "no-fly" zone in southern Iraq (below the 32d parallel) for all Iraqi aircraft.

14 April 93-Present: Operation DENY FLIGHT, enforcement of the UN-sanctioned no-fly zone over Bosnia-Hercegovinia.

15 June 92-December 92: Operation MARITIME MONITOR, surveillance of cargo being transported through the Adriatic to the Former Yugoslavia Republic.

16 December 92-June 93: Operation MARITIME GUARD enforcement of the UN-sanctioned embargo against the former Yugoslavia Republic.

17 June 93-Present: Operation SHARP GUARD, enforcement of the UN-sanctioned embargo against the Former Yugoslavia Republic (amended November 94 to exclude Bosnia) conducted in conjunction with WEU forces.

18 July 93-Present: Operation ABLE SENTRY, approximately 500 U.S. military personnel in Macedonia as military observers under operational control of UNPROFOR.

19 October 93-September 94: Operation SUPPORT DEMOCRACY, maritime interdiction of arms and oil off the coast of Haiti to force military government to step down and allow duly elected government to return to power.

20 May 94-Present: Operation SEA SIGNAL, Haitian migrant interdiction at sea. Haitians transported to safe haven at Guantanamo Bay.

21 July 94-Present: Operation SUPPORT HOPE, U.S. humanitarian relief and relief support operations in support of Rwandan refugees.

22 September 94: Operation RESTORE DEMOCRACY, restoration of elected government in Haiti.

23 August 94: Operation ABLE VIGIL, Cuban migrant interdiction in the Florida Strait by the U.S. Coast Guard and supported by DoD.

24 August 94: Operation SAFE HAVEN, migrant operations in the Republic of Panama.

25 September 94: Operation DISTANT HAVEN, Safe haven facilities for Haitians on Suriname.

26 September 94: Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY, restoration of democratic government in Haiti.

27 October 94: Operation VIGILANT WARRIOR, defense of Kuwait against renewed Iraqi threat.