Operations In and Around Former Yugoslavia

An operation, controlled by a joint task force headquarters, that provides humanitarian assistance via military aircraft to people of Bosnia.

As of 20 September 1994, the U.S. had flown 3,746 sorties into Sarajevo where they delivered 46,482.5 metric tons of cargo (NATO allies had flown an additional 6,632 sorties); U.S. had also airdropped to needy people in Bosnia 17,482.4 metric tons of food, 220.4 metric tons of medical supplies, as well as several thousand tons of non-food supplies.

NATO-led, U.N. Chapter VII peace-enforcement operation, with WEU participation, to enforce U.N. sanctions in the Adriatic Sea.

Operation has involved two U.S. surface ships and a submarine and 18 other alied surface ships from 10 countries. As of 15 September 1994, allied ships had challenged 39,051 ships, stopped or boarded 2,955, and diverted and inspected 778.

The U.S. ceased enforcing the arms embargo with respect to Bosnian government forces in

NATO-led, U.N. Chapter VII peace-enforcement operation using airpower to deny military flights to warring parties, protect U.N. Protection Forces on the ground in Bosnia, and enforce U.N. exclusion zones.

U.N. Chapter VI peace operation deploying forces into Macedonia as a preventive deployment to help deter the spread of conflict.

More than 500 U.S. troops participate in this operation, along with Nordic troops.