U.S. Military Interventions in the Western Hemisphere

1903 Marines sent to Santo Domingo.
1916-24 U.S. forces invade in wake of unrest, establish a constabulary that comes under the control of Rafael Trujillo and paves the way for him to establish a brutal dictatorship after U.S. withdrawal.
1965-66 President Lyndon B. Johnson sends almost 25,000 troops to stop bloody civil war, fearing that one faction is controlled by Cuba.

1903 President Theodore Roosevelt sends ships to prevent landing of Colombian troops as Panama secedes from Colombia, ensuring construction of Panama Canal.
1989 U.S. invades Panama, seizes Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega after years of increasing alarm at his growing army and reports of drug trafficking and money laundering.

1903-26--Marines land on numerous occasions to safeguard interests of U.S. banana growers and property owners.

1906-17 United States sends 7,600 troops to back up provisional government against uprisings and revolt.
1961 U.S.-supported Cuban exiles, operating from Guatemala, invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. The exiles are defeated by Fidel Castro's forces after President John F. Kennedy declines to provide air cover or military backup.

1909, 1912-25 Marines land periodically to restore stability
1926-33 U.S. sends troops to sustain conservative Nicaraguan leaders allied with American business interests, paving the way for a lenghty dictatorship by the Somoza family.

1914-17 President Woodrow Wilson launches military expeditions against Veracruz and border areas to protect U.S. business interests during fighting by Mexican revolutionaries.

1915-34 President Woodrow Wilson sends U.S. marines to restore order in Haiti.
1994 U.S. uses military force to peacefully return President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power.

1919 Marines land to protect U.S. interest.

1954 Central Intelligence Agency organizes and finances invasion to overthrow President Jacob Arbenz Guzman, based on fears that he is under the influence of communists.

1983-85 After an extreminist faction seizes control of the marxist government, President Ronald Reagan sends U.S. forces to the island, citing danger for Americans there and a request from Caribbean neighbors for help in restoring democracy.

Source: Reprinted with permission of The Washington Post.