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small wars manual
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Small Wars Manual
United States Marine Corps

front matter - "This Manual is published for information only and is not directive in nature. It should be read in the context of pre-World War II politics and operational methods. Its republication does not indicate endorsement by the United States Marine Corps of any statement in the book."
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[most chapters are 1-3 Mb in size]
chapter 1 - Introduction
chapter 2 - Organization
chapter 3 - Logistics
chapter 4 - Training
chapter 5 - Initial Operations
chapter 6 - Infantry Patrols
chapter 7 - Mounted Detachments
chapter 8 - Convoys and Convoy Escorts
chapter 9 - Aviation
chapter 10 - River Operations
chapter 11 - Disarmament of Population
chapter 12 - Armed Native Organizations
chapter 13 - Military Government
chapter 14 - Supervision of Elections
chapter 15 - Withdrawal

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