These were replaced/updated in 2004.
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Encl.(1) to COMDTINST 5351.1

Competencies of Performance



Vision Development and Implementation

  • Set and work toward a vision for your unit, division, or department in line with the Coast Guard’s overall vision, missions, strategy, and values
  • Establish and clearly communicate objectives
  • Initiate action and provide support and systems to achieve goals
  • Manage and champion organizational improvement

Customer Focus

  • Focus on external requirements
  • Actively seek feedback and suggestions and encourage others to do the same
  • Ensure internal and external customers’ needs are met

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

  • Learn to identify and analyze problems under normal and extreme conditions
  • Learn to consider and assess risks and alternatives
  • Use facts, input from systems, input from others, and sound judgment to reach conclusions
  • Learn to lead effectively in crisis, keeping focus on key information and decision points
  • Commit to action; be as decisive as a situation demands
  • Involve others in decisions that affect them
  • Evaluate the impact of your decisions

Conflict Management

  • Encourage open communication about controversial issues
  • Promote collaboration to manage contention
  • Confront conflict constructively to minimize impact to self, others, and the organization

Performance Appraisal

  • Use goal-setting, delegation, and effective communications to manage performance effectively
  • Articulate performance expectations to subordinates
  • Coach and provide feedback to subordinates continuously
  • Document performance
  • Seek out performance expectations for yourself and your unit

Management and Process Improvement

  • Use goals, milestones, and control mechanisms to measure and manage performance
  • Evaluate progress and outcomes of current processes
  • Seek continuous improvement through periodic assessments
  • Improve products and services to meet changing customer needs

Workforce Management Systems

  • Understand and support civilian and military promotion, advancement, training, assignment, and award systems
  • Support personnel working on advancement, special programs, training, and future assignments
  • Use formal reward systems to recognize positive performance and development