These were replaced/updated in 2004.
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Encl.(1) to COMDTINST 5351.1

Competencies of Self



Accountability and Responsibility

  • Understand the Coast Guard’s character and structure as a military service committed to being "Always Ready"
  • Recognize and use the chain of command appropriately
  • Understand the impact of your behavior on others, your unit, and the Coast Guard organization
  • Take ownership of your areas of responsibility
  • Use public resources efficiently

Aligning Values

  • Understand and embody the Coast Guard’s core values: Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty
  • Align your personal behavior with the Coast Guard’s core values
  • Hold peers and subordinates accountable to the core values


  • Understand that all Coast Guard personnel are followers
  • Look to leaders for guidance and feedback on your performance
  • Seek and accept challenging tasks to learn and develop competence
  • Seek to understand others through listening and questioning
  • Work with leaders to ensure successful mission accomplishment

Health and Well-Being

  • Promote a safe work environment for yourself and others
  • Recognize and manage stress
  • Set a personal health example, emphasizing physical fitness and emotional strength
  • Encourage others to maintain health and well-being

Personal Conduct

  • Personify high standards of honesty, integrity, trust, openness, fairness and compassion
  • Be self-motivated, professional, and results-oriented
  • Have confidence in your own abilities and ideas
  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses
  • Use position and personal power appropriately

Self Awareness and Learning

  • Seek opportunities for self-development and life-long learning
  • Choose to learn and grow from experience
  • Adapt your behavior and work methods to changing conditions and unexpected obstacles
  • Seek feedback on your personal and professional strengths and areas for improvement
  • Learn to manage your time effectively

Technical Proficiency

  • Be prepared: learn, develop, and demonstrate technical and functional expertise in your areas of responsibility
  • Understand how your skills and actions contribute to mission readiness and performance
  • Keep current on technological advances
  • Effectively organize and prioritize tasks