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Category: SSIC 01000 Military Personnel
Number: MCO 1500.56

 DESIG; MCO 1500.56

                                                                MCO 1500.56
                                                                C 40 OP
                                                                16 Dec 96

         MARINE CORPS ORDER 1500.56

         From:  Commandant of the Marine Corps
         To:    Distribution List


         1.  Purpose.  To promulgate guidance for the implementation of
         the Marine Corps Values Program.

         2.  Background

             a.  Since 1775, the United States Marine Corps has served
         honorably and proudly whenever and wherever our Nation has
         called.  Our history is replete with accounts of Marines who
         have shown exceptional bravery and made extraordinary
         sacrifices.  Almost without exception, those accounts of heroism
         and service can be described by the words "Honor, Courage, and
         Commitment," our Marine Corps core values.  Those three words
         succinctly describe the reason Marines have always been looked
         upon as a fighting force without equal, capable of exceptional
         accomplishment in the face of insurmountable odds.

             b.  While the Marine Corps has a rich tradition of promoting
         values, these values have historically been communicated in
         disparate programs or in response to significant events.  The
         Marine Corps Values Program described in this Order will focus
         and coordinate our efforts and generate a constancy of purpose
         in promoting our core values.

         3.  Effective Date.  15 December 1996.

         4.  Information

             a.  The world and society have changed significantly over the
         past two decades, and we as an institution must join the battle
         with America's families, churches, and schools to help instill
         fundamental values in today's youth.  We must ensure quality
         young people continue to seek careers and serve proudly in the
         honor and traditions of the Marine Corps into the next century.

         MCO 1500.56
         16 Dec 96

             b.  The Marine Corps will implement a coordinated program that
         will enhance transformation into U.S. Marines through a rigorous,
         thorough reaffirmation of Marine Corps Values training and
         education.  Our goal is to continue to produce Marines who are
         exemplary citizens and who will act honorably and intelligently,
         whatever their situation or level of responsibilities.  All Marines
         are expected to epitomize that which is good about our Nation and
         to personify the ideals upon which it was founded.  Honor, Courage,
         and Commitment are not just words; they frame the way Marines are
         to live and act.  There is no room in the Marine Corps for
         situational ethics or situational morality.

             c.  Exposure to the Marine Corps Values Program will start when
         a potential Marine first meets the Recruiter and subsequently while
         in the Delayed Entry Program.  Implementation will involve three
         distinct phases.

                 (1) Initial Entry Training (Phase I).  Every Marine,
         enlisted and officer, will be formally instructed in Marine Corps
         Values during entry level training.  The preponderance of the
         training will occur at the Marine Corps Recruit Depots for enlisted
         Marines, at Officer Candidates School and The Basic School for

                 (2) Reinforcement Education (Phase II).  The lessons of
         entry level training will be reinforced in Marine Combat Training
         at the School of Infantry for all enlisted Marines.  Reinforcement
         training will also be presented in military occupational specialty
         schools for both enlisted Marines and officers.  Marine Corps Core
         Values education will continue at every Professional Military
         Education school which a Marine attends from the Sergeant's Course
         through the Marine Corps War College.  Additionally, gatherings of
         Marine leaders, such as the General Officers Symposium, Commanders'
         Course, and Sergeants Major Symposium will include discussions
         concerning values.

                 (3) Sustainment Education (Phase III).  Sustainment
         education will involve not only formal presentation of course
         material but will encompass awareness of the importance that
         practicing Marine Corps Core Values has in each Marine's
         day-to-day life.  Marines should be able to see our core values
         demonstrated in the daily course of events by leaders at all levels
         from squad to force commander.  Honor, courage, and commitment must
         be a way of life in garrison and in the field, on and off duty.
         Sustainment is the key to the success of the Marine Corps Values
         Program.  Marines in uniform today have a


                                                                MCO 1500.56
                                                                16 Dec 96

         moral obligation to the Marines of tomorrow to uphold the time-
         honored Marine Corps values and continue the proud tradition.
         Sustainment education is primarily in the hands of commanders and
         Marine leaders at every level.

         5.  Action

             a.  Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development
         Command shall:

                 (1) Implement the Marine Corps Values Program.

                 (2) Establish a proponent for the publication and
         maintenance of the Marine Corps Values program and associated tools.

                 (3) Incorporate Marine Corps Values instruction in all
         Marine Corps formal schools.

                 (4) Coordinate with Marine Detachment Commanding Officers,
         Officers-in-Charge, and Staff Noncommissioned Officers-in-Charge
         at other service schools, attended by Marine Corps students, to
         incorporate Marine Corps Values instruction for Marines.

             b.  The Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower and Reserve Affairs
         shall incorporate Marine Corps Values into all manpower policies
         and programs where applicable.

             c.  The Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruiting Command
         shall incorporate Marine Corps Values into Marine Corps Recruiting
         Command training programs beginning with the Delayed Entry Program.

             d.  Commanding Generals, Commanding Officers, and
         Officers-in-Charge shall:

                 (1) Establish a program for sustaining Marine Corps Values
         education as a continuation of the program that was initiated
         during recruit training.

                 (2) Establish a command environment in which the
         leadership, role models, and examples of all that is good about
         the Marine Corps are provided for both newly joined Marines and
         more seasoned Marines alike.

                 (3) Integrate Marine Corps Values training into
         organizational training plans.


         MCO 1500.56
         16 Dec 96

                 (4) Publicize and reinforce Marine Corps Values
         throughout the command using the Plan of the Day, media, and
         publications, and other appropriate means.

         6.  Tools

             a.  To assist Marines at all levels in the implementation of
         the Marine Corps Values Program, various "tools" have been
         developed.  These tools will be distributed down to the company
         and detachment level.  While not all inclusive, they provide a
         point of departure for the development of formal lessons in
         schools and reinforcement and sustainment training in units
         throughout the Corps.  Commanders are strongly encouraged to
         tailor the Marine Corps Values Program to meet the specific
         needs of each individual organization.

             b.  The tools to support the values program include a
         Discussion Guide for Marine Corps Values, a Marine Corps Values
         pocket card to be issued to all Marines, and a CMC video.
         Initial issue to support program implementation will be provided
         by the CG MCCDC.  Resupply will be accomplished by using units
         as follows:

                 (1) The Marine Corps Values and Leadership Discussion
         Leader's Guide will be available electronically by 15 December
         1996.  The CG MCCDC will issue an initial 5,000 paper copies
         during December 1996.  The Guide will be available for reorder
         through the Marine Corps Publications Distribution System
         (MCPDS) as a reference publication during the fourth quarter of
         FY 1997.

                 (2) Marine Corps Values cards may be requisitioned
         through the supply system.  An initial issue of cards will be
         made by the CG MCCDC to all units at the battalion, squadron,
         detachment level and to the Marine Corps Recruit Depots and
         Officer Candidates School.  Cards will be sent to recruit depots
         and Officer Candidates School during early December 1996 and to
         the rest of the Marine Corps during January 1997.

                 (3) Copies of the CMC Values Video will be sent to
         base/station TAVSC's and may be locally reproduced to address
         command needs.


                                                                MCO 1500.56
                                                                16 Dec 96

         7.  Reserve Applicability.  This order is applicable to the
         Marine Corps Reserve.

                                      C. C. KRULAK

         DISTRIBUTION:  PCN 10201532600

              Copy to:  7000110 (55)
                        7000093/8145005 (2)
                        7000099, 144/8145001 (1)

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