Using Headers

Headers are used to give your document a little structure. They can be thought of as an outline to the document you are writting. This outline will break up the text into sections.

There are six (6) levels of headings. They all use the same tag format. A tag of level 1 will display the largest letters while a tag of level 6, the smallest. As in the case of an outline, a level 1 header is considered to be the most important. The level of importance will decrease with the size as you go to level 6.

The header tag is: <H1>TEXT</H1>:

Our Text with headers

<!When you see a tag begining with <!, this is a remark. They can be used to put explanations into the document that will not be seen when the page is displayed by the browser>
<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Dave Rigney">
<TITLE>This is my page </TITLE>

<H1>This is a level 1 Header</H1>

<P>This is the text that I want to display. I am going to make sure that it is long enough to cause a word wrap on the screen from the browser. After this paragraph we will type some other stuff and then will look at it to see what we have on the screen.</P>

<H3>This is a level 3 Header</H3>

<P>This is the start of paragraph number two. Notice what happens when you display this on the screen in your browser.</P>