Adding Document Links

As you design your page, you most likely will find that you want to add access points or links from your page to other resources on the net. These links will appear as blue, underlined characters (default). When the visitor to your page clicks on this link, they will be transfered by the browser to the new site.

Links are easy to add. You will need to know the entire Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or address for the individual page you are linking to. I have found it is easiest to just cut the address from the browser window and then paste it into the page editor. This way you will not miss any characters in the address. Be sure to check the link from within your browser before you post your page. It is very easy to leave out some of the characters in the address, when the user clicks on your link, they may or may not get what you were linking into.

The code

<A HREF="The address being linked to (URL)">Descriptive Text for the link</A>

<!When you see a tag begining with <!, this is a remark. They can be used to put explanations into the document that will not be seen when the page is displayed by the browser>
<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Dave Rigney">
<TITLE>This is my page </TITLE>

<H1>This is a level 1 Header</H1>

<P>This is the text that I want to display. I am going to make sure that it is long enough to cause a word wrap on the screen from the browser. After this paragraph we will type some other stuff and then will look at it to see what we have on the screen.</P>

<H3>This is a level 3 Header</H3>

<P>This is the start of paragraph number two. Notice what happens when you display this on the screen in your browser.</P>

<P><A HREF="">COMNAVAIRESFOR</A> - The Naval Air Reserve Home Page</P>